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Amazon Gift Cards

Invention of Amazon and Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is an e–Commerce Company that is gradually making its way to each and every sector making more and more loyal customers. With Amazon...
Panasonic P90

Panasonic P90 Specs and Price

Panasonic is a popular electronic manufacturer and also has it tentacles in the smartphone business. The Panasonic P90 is a budget smartphone with just...
Panasonic P95

Panasonic P95 Specs and Price

Reading this, I will like to inform you that this is a smartphone with entry level specs only. Among the features you'll be missing...
Wiko View Lite

Wiko View Lite Specs and Price

Wiko View Lite enters the smartphone market as the light version to the last year released Wiko View. This phone packs well received specs...
Wiko View Go

Wiko View Go Specs and Price

Wiko unveiled a couple of smartphones at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018. Wiko View Go is one of these released smartphones. The smartphone...
Wilko View 2

Wiko View 2 Specs and Price

Amidst the couple of smartphones announced by Wiko at the MWC 2018, the Wiko View 2 remains an eye-catching one. Classy aesthetics has been...

Wiko View 2 Pro Specs and Price

Wiko View 2 Pro enters the smartphone market as the upgrade to the Wiko View 2. The smartphone brings something beautiful to the table,...
LG Q Stylo 4

LG Q Stylo 4 Specs and Price

Here comes another bottom mid-range smartphone which does not offer much in terms of spec but offers quite as much for a decent enjoyable...
LG Q Stylus

LG Q Stylus Specs and Price

The LG Stylus series like the name suggests makes you of the vintage Stylus pen and can't but help match the smartphone with the...
Meizu M8c

Meizu M8c Specs and Price

Another addition to the budget M-series has been made by Meizu and this is the Meizu M8c which is just another low priced smartphone...