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The incredible popularity of off-road hoverboards

The Incredible Popularity of off-road Hoverboards

With modernization taking place, things are changing at a rapid face and so should it be! Just wonder, if you are in the still 90s, would you be thinking of it. Perhaps it would sustain somewhere within your fictitious mind. Well after 2010, things started happening. With every occurrence, technology...
Real Devices Vs Emualtors

Real Devices vs Emulators/Simulators

Mobile testing is one of the main focuses for app developers. With more devices running new systems being released every year it is essential to test an app/game on all of them. These tests will display how an app runs on a device and if it renders incorrectly, it...
Buy a Projector

How to Buy a Projector for Business and Fun

For the many things projectors have the capability of doing, the demand for the gadget is on the increase. However, buying a projector, especially as a newbie, isn't entirely a stroll in the park. All the technical terms and jargon, the different types, sizes, models, features, and more are...
UmiDigi launches on Jumia

UMIDIGI Launched 3 New Smartphones exclusively on Jumia Mid-year Promotion

Chinese smartphones maker UMIDIGI has partnered with Nigeria’s number one online store Jumia. In this exclusive partnership, UMIDIGI is releasing their latest smartphones first on Jumia for the Nigerian market. The UMIDIGI S2 Lite, UMIDIGI A1 Pro and UMIDIGI Z2 are available exclusively from now to 31st July(Jumia Mid-year...
Best CRM Software

Best CRM Software for your Business in 2021

Years ago, customer relationship management (CRM) software were merely seen as programs created for use by companies, businesses, and individuals in public relations (PR) and sales to easily store customer information and track communication with customers. Their importance in businesses was mostly overlooked. Today, the importance of a good CRM system...
Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Specs and Price

The curtain was opened to unveil the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 in 2018, news of which was well received. You thought the Mi max 2 was big? Wait until you see the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 which, by the way, is not just big but carries a huge 6.9-inch...
Huawei Nova 3i

Huawei Nova 3i Specs and Price

Huawei has just recently launched the successor of the quite interesting Nova 2i smartphone. Although it serves more like a cheaper version of the Huawei Nova 3, it is still a top shelve mid-range smartphone in any way. There is also a striking similarity in he design to the...
Why are white gaming keyboards more preferred?

Why are White Gaming Keyboards more Preferred?

Irrespective of the fact that you are into writing, programming or playing games on your PCs, a good keyboard is mandatory to meet your requirements at all aspects. While purchasing one, you must always take a look at its functionality so as to make sure that it will satisfy...
3 Must-know Things about Video Resolution of Your Gadget

3 Must-know Things about Video Resolution of your Gadget

The main parameter when choosing a smartphone for most users, and this is correct, is a screen. Not only is it the "face" of the device, it is also the main instrument for controlling your gadget. Long gone are the times when such an option as a "color display", automatically...
Online Dating Apps Better than Tinder

5 Online Dating Apps Better than Tinder

If surfing Tinder has become a habit, but when the match finally happens you still remain lying on the couch - it's time to change something. It isn’t necessary to completely abandon mobile dating applications, after all, they are already part of our life, like online shopping and food delivery. It’s...