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If you’re looking to get fit in 2019, you might be considering a gym membership. However, before you commit to a monthly spend, you should think about buying a home multi gym instead. Prices are reasonable, and these exercise machines can easily fit in the corner of a room.

You can perform many exercises – even on the cheapest multi gyms – and target every major muscle group. So, here are five of the best multi gym exercises you can perform.

Leg Curls

Leg Curl Multi Gym

Legs are often overlooked when hitting the gym. Thankfully, most multi gyms now come with leg curl attachments, with some machines even including leg press and other accessories.

This exercise is perfect for working out the hamstrings and calf muscles – essential muscles to target if you have small legs and wish to add some size.

Chest Press

Chest Press Multi Gym

To build a bigger, fuller chest, you need to add the chest press (or bench press if done with a barbell, rather than a machine) to your workout routine. Nearly every multi gym available now includes a chest press feature, allowing you to lift heavy weights and build some serious pecs.

In addition to working the chest muscles, this exercise employs the arms and shoulders, providing triceps and deltoids with a thorough workout.

Pull Ups

Pull ups Multi Gym

Notorious for their difficulty, the pull-up is perhaps one of the hardest exercises for beginners. If you have space in your home gym, you could invest in an assisted chin-up machine, but these are expensive and take up space. When buying a gym for your home, you will find most come with a pull-up bar.

Pull-ups are amazing for building a thicker back, and bigger arms, as they recruit the biceps. They are classed as a compound move. This is because they work more than one muscle group (in this case, back and arms)

Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press Multi Gym

The shoulder press (sometimes referred to as military press) is another compound move. When working out your shoulders, this should be the bread and butter move in your routine. Most home multi gyms include a shoulder press feature, allowing you to target this highly important muscle group.

Cable Curls

Cable Curls Multi Gym

Isolate the biceps with some cable curls. This exercise is great for building bigger arms and can be performed as a regular move, or as an alternative to dumbbell curls. Hand grip can be alternated to mimic hammer curls, too.

Final Words

When considering your workout options, building a home gym should certainly be on your list. The range of exercises varies from one machine to another, but at the top end of the market, you can purchase compact multi gyms which allow 40+ exercises.

However, the ones listed above are common to most available on the market in 2019.

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