Car Checks that Are Always Needed Before Road Trips

Car Checks That Are Always Needed Before Road Trips
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Going on a road trip is a highly preferred holiday activity for many but this does not mean that people know how to prepare. Unfortunately, in many cases we see car owners just get in the vehicle and drive away.

This is a really bad approach since dealing with car problems while you just want to relax and go sightseeing is a real hassle.

If you want to go on a road trip, always be sure that you check your car. The best thing that you can do is visit an auto repair shop for a check, like Pickering’s Auto Service in Lakewood. This will include all the needed checks, including the following really important ones.


Fluid levels always need to be checked first since most motorists do not actually check them as often as they should. When oil and coolant levels are too low, a leak might be present somewhere.

Since you are checking these two, it is always a good idea to also take a look at the brake fluid. When level is low, the car is not actually safe and should not be driven.


In most cases, you will end up driving during the night or in conditions that are misty. This is why absolutely all car lights need to correctly work, especially in the event that you will be driving in an unfamiliar country or region. Brake lights are often needed but all lights can go down without a warning.


The way in which the wipers clean the windscreen has to be checked. If you turn them on and there are water lines present, you most likely need to change them. Windscreen washers can easily be used to check your wipers. Be sure that they do the job right.

Tyres And Wheels

A car’s tyres are incredibly important. They connect the vehicle to the ground so if you find yourself driving for long periods of time, you need to be sure they are exactly as they should be.

Tread depth is normally checked first. If the tyre is worn beyond the recommended level, replacements are necessary. Then, tyre surface is checked for notable inflections, bubbles and damage.

If all is okay, tyre pressure is checked. It does not matter if you are on the road or not. Tyres can be over or under-inflated. If this is the case, tyres end up with wear marks.

Brake Pads

These are rarely considered, unless getting the car checked by a mechanic. Brake pad wear should be analysed before any road trip.

The brake pad is made out of an outer part that is metal and an inner part that is composite. The composite part has to have a thickness that is over 5 millimetres. Replacements are needed if this is not the case.

Also, the handbrake has to be checked. It needs to click a maximum of 4 times before the car is held in place. Roadworthy test is not passed if there are over four clicks.

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