Why it’s a Good Idea to Check Vehicle History before Buying pre-Owned Car

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Purchasing a new car – whether brand new or used – is a considerable investment that requires doing due diligence.

And as you can imagine, it is quite tasking trying to check the vehicle before purchase. Now, for first-time buyers, it can get really daunting – that is, figuring out what to look out for to avoid costly repairs after buying.

You may be wondering, “But why should I go through that much stress just to buy a new car?”

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Well, for one, you don’t want to get stuck with a vehicle that spends most of its lifetime in the mechanic shop than you get to use it; nor do you want to foot huge repair bills to get the car in shape.

So, the smart thing to do – which is, by the way, being financially savvy – is to conduct an extensive and detailed background check on the mop you intend to buy.

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And apart from the physical, mechanical inspection, you’d carry out to determine how much in good shape the vehicle you intend buying is; you also need to take a sneak peek into the past – history – of the car.

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According to carvertical.com/vin-number-check – checking the pre-owned vehicle history enables you to answer vital questions about the vehicle which may include:

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Has the car ever been involved in any accidents?

Now, you will want to know whether the car you intend getting has any accident history. Most vehicle history report details even the smallest crashes.

A good thing about this report is that it gives you an opening to offer less money for the car. However, keep in mind to have an independent mechanic check out the repair works to be sure it was properly and professionally done.

Has the Car Suffered any other Damage?

As you know, collision is not the only damage a vehicle can suffer. Often, a car history can pull up other damage from flood, hail or fire.

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Steer clear of flood-damaged or fire-damaged vehicles. The thing is both incidents are not easily and safely repaired unlike a hail-damaged car; thereby costing you lots of money down the road or even compromising the safety of the vehicle.

What’s the Vehicle’s Title History?

Keep an eye out for the title history. You can learn quite a lot from it. For instance, too many changes in ownership within a short period is a red flag and in most cases, an indication that the previous owners were trying to submerge negative information on the title.

Also, avoid cars branded with a salvage title. Though you may be tempted to purchase the vehicle due to its low asking price, the long term issues that may arise may not be worth it and may even cost you loads of money to repair.

How many Previous Owners?

A vehicle with only one previous owner is typically the best; so try as much as you can to go for this kind of car.

Ensure that the car does not carry any outstanding debt from the previous owners before having the title transferred to you.

Does the number on the Odometer correspond with the one on the History Report?

The odometer tells you the age of the vehicle and how many mileage it has covered so far.

So, it’s essential to crosscheck the reading on the odometer with the one on the report. If however, you notice a difference it’s a huge sign you should walk away.

Finally, a vehicle history should help you have a complete idea of the road worthiness of any car and help you decide to commit yourself to make the purchase.

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