Why Python is Chosen Over others for AI and Machine Learning?

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Python is a powerful object-oriented language whose syntax is very easy in comparison to other languages. There are various GUIs, which can be used to make programs through Python language; also developers use it for creating web as well as desktop applications.

Another useful feature of the language is the code, which is short in comparison to other languages. Due to such reason, the language has gained popularity.

Python is increasing in popularity these days due to its features like learning and utilization which is easy, holds large standard libraries, expressive language, cross-platform and most importantly it is an open source language.

Nowadays, these features allure people to opt for Python Training in order to learn basic of Python language. As we know, the future is all about AI which makes learning python a good option. Also, among developers, python is the best language for artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Through Python

It is a technology in which artificial intelligence is being developed for various machines like self-driving cars. Many other things have been developed due to which many scientists are taking interest in the technology to develop more such useful equipment.

Languages Good For AI

There are many programming languages, which can be used for AI. Let us see some of them and the reasons for choosing Python.


The LISP language supports AI and developers come to know about it after researches were conducted in many universities. In the research, prototyping was preferred to execution. The other features, which were preferred for AI, are garbage collection, dynamic typing, functions, uniform syntax, etc.


Prolog is a high-level language which also has the features of LISP. The language can be used to resolve logic based problems. One of the things to learn is IHMO which is very tough.


These languages are used when the execution speed is necessary than prototyping. There are some software applications, which are small in size, and need more execution speed.


JAVA also uses many things from LISP in case of AI. One of them is garbage collection. The speed of executing a Java program is slow and also it is no high-level in comparison to LISP or PROLOG.


Python also uses many features of LISP and Java. Most of the things between Lisp and Python are common. Along with this, JPython comes with the features of Java GUI.

JPython can also be used to make portable GUI and that is the reason it is best for AI in comparison to other languages. JPython also has the capacity of using HTTP/FTP/libraries.

Benefits Of Python Over Other Languages

There are many benefits of Python in comparison to other languages in case of AI. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • The documentation quality of the language is good.
  • The language is platform independent.
  • The language is simple in comparison to other languages. Even a new programmer can learn it easily.
  • There are many libraries in the language, which a developer can use to create various types of applications.
  • The most important features for AI are portability, design, and fast performance and these all exist in Python language.
  • Python can be used for many types of applications like scientific, mathematical, web, etc.

Python for Machine Learning

Machine learning is something in which a machine is made intelligent to do jobs like sending emails automatically, controlling spams, and other such tasks. The main work of a machine learning candidate is understanding the data algorithm though processing, defining, cleaning, and arranging data.

Python is considered to be the best for machine learning that the language is easy to learn. Python helps to implement various concepts easily like linear algebra, calculus, etc. Machine learning depends on the task to be done whether it is small or large. The data can be raw and unstructured but Python can handle these things easily through different packages.


The language has many packages, which can be easily used to make applications. A developer just needs to include those packages in their code and use the functions and that will help to develop good applications. A developer who knows basics of using Python can easily implement these packages in his code.

The only problem with machine learning using Python is that it needs a large amount of memory, and computers having small processors cannot use this language.

Python Comparison With Other Languages

Now let us see which other languages can be used for machine learning and how Python is better.

R language

R language is the advanced version of S language and is used to develop applications regarding statistical and graphical data. The language younger in comparison to Python and is used in academic research more than machine learning.

C Language

This language is considered as the mother of all languages, which helps the developers to build various kinds of algorithms. The language is now used for making the strong fundamentals of a computer.


Python is considered one of the most fundamental languages, which can be used for various purposes including machine learning.  Python has a huge amount of libraries, which can be used to work on machine learning.

Why Python For Machine Learning?

Python is a very popular language and research has shown that around 57% of developers give priority to the language; as far as machine learning is concerned. Let us see why it is good for machine learning.

Easy Syntax

The syntax of the language is very easy and even beginners can learn it. The Python code can be executed at a good speed. Machine learning has a complex algorithm but they can be easily written in Python.

Inbuilt Libraries

Machine learning can be easily implemented through various libraries present in the language Numpy and Scipy are the most used libraries.

For machine learning, the main libraries that can be used are TensorFlow, Microsoft CTNK, Apache Singa, Keras, Scikit Learn, PyTorch, Pandas, Theano, and Caffe.

Final Verdict

It can be said that Python is very easy to learn and machine learning algorithms can easily be implemented through it. The language holds various libraries that will be useful for learning and implementing machine learning. In comparison to other languages, developers prefer Python.

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