The Green and Smart Way: 5 Best Energy Efficiency Apps for Your Smartphone

Best Energy Efficiency Apps for Your Smartphone

Energy cost is one of the most significant monthly expenses for most households. As a homeowner, the best way to reduce your monthly bills is to measure your energy consumption. You can do it by taking advantage of smartphone applications that can help manage and track your home’s energy use.

The use of smartphone apps is ideal for saving energy without wasting time. These energy efficiency apps will help monitor your energy use. You can also buy energy efficient products, and automatically power off your appliances at home. As such, here are a few energy efficiency apps that can help measure your energy consumption at your fingertips.

The Energy Cost Calculator App

Energy Cost Calculator is a handy watt-and-cost smartphone app that lets you efficiently calculate costs from your energy consumption in kilowatt-hours. The app can provide you with an estimated electricity usage cost daily, weekly, and monthly for your home appliances and allows you to reduce your electricity bills.

The energy efficiency app is also vital for calculating the energy demand charges when running your home’s appliances. The likes of Astral Energy LLC and other reliable energy solutions, the Energy Cost Calculator app can also compute your carbon emission based on the electricity you’ve consumed per year.

The Wiser EMS App

The Wiser EMS or Wiser Energy Management System is a free smartphone app that allows you to make the most of your home’s energy using its Green Button data. The tool is an ideal home management solution that can help monitor your energy usage and control your household devices.

The app uses infographics and illustrations that help you save money and make wiser choices for your home’s energy use. The app also provides helpful features like Wiser Smart Thermostats, Wiser Load Control Smart Plugs and Devices, and Wiser Coordinator.

The Light Bulb Finder App

The Light Bulb Finder is an excellent app that allows you to switch from incandescent lighting to energy-saving light bulbs easily. This easy to use app helps you buy energy saving light bulbs at your local store using your smartphone.

The app can also recommend energy efficient bulbs that can provide a good impact on the environment. For each recommendation, the app will display the bulb image and its specifications, the power you can save, and the carbon emission reductions.

The Water Use Calculator App

The Water Use Calculator is an ideal iOS app that lets you calculate your daily, weekly, and yearly water consumption. The app is created by the National Ground Water Association that helps estimate your water usage by asking you questions about the number of people in your house.

Based on that information, the Water Use Calculator app will automatically calculate how much water you can use with dishwashers, showers, toilets, and other appliances. The app can also provide features like easy to enter categories, automatic responses to data, and the total calculated usage for your water-saving devices.

The Green Outlet App

The Green Outlet is an excellent app that lets you check household appliances that consume the most energy in your home. The app allows you to calculate your average monthly energy consumption costs. The app can also notify you if you exceed the government’s recommended carbon usage.

The use of Green Outlet app is an ideal way to reduce your energy bills. It can also help you make smarter decisions about your electrical consumption. Hence, this app can help protect the environment while helping you save a significant amount of your money on your utility bills.


The price of electricity is continuously rising nowadays. It’s a smart choice to take advantage of today’s innovations like using energy efficiency apps. You can install apps such as those mentioned above to help measure your energy consumption, reduce your utility bills, and save money in just a few clicks at your fingertips.

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