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Developing Android and iOS Apps? Check Out these Vital Test Scenarios

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After serving a significant transformation, the mobile technology landscape seemed to have surpassed all previous recognition. As a result, the demand for experienced mobile app development capability has never been so high; where big businesses are seen struggling to keep up with an ever-growing backlog of projects. And no, brainer! Creating high-quality software which is possible to ensure only with mobile app testing.

Some of you guys think QA isn’t sexy whereas others cannot take their eyes off as it is the only hope when things go south. We humans often get carried away with the hype or influences or used cases – of course, for better revenue opportunities.

It may quite interest you to know for many of you hiring is QA professional is much like hiring an HR who has the ability to produce a true trackable ROI. So those who ignore might have a lot to lose.

Unfortunately, what most of us fail to understand is the fact QA testing shouldn’t be considered as an afterthought, and it must be kept in mind right from the start?

Because it doesn’t matter how cool and sexy your design looks like — if the functionality you just released to production is broken, the customer will be pissed and may never return to your App.

For example, you have recently come up with the most usable, beautiful looking App that provides great value to the end user. But in the end, it’s of no use especially if it takes 20 seconds to load or comprises of sluggish performance.

I have come across a plethora of posts that emphasizes on customer dissatisfaction when it comes to the performance of a mobile app. In fact, there has been so much data collected, showing that customers who are unhappy with mobile app performance will abandon your App and potentially never return. Austin mobile app development companies are aware of this fact, and, when developing an application, much care is put into testing, optimization, and the quality of the experience for the end user.

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Due to the ever-growing demand for mobile apps, decision makers are focusing on creating mobile strategies and roadmap before implementing the application for their users. This means having rigorously mobile testing planned at hand is very crucial before you deploy your final product.

Mobility Testing Process

A typical end-to-end mobile testing process starts from creating test cases of the application, performing user acceptance, and finally device testing stage. It comprises of different stages such as:

  1. Test case preparation- Start preparing test cases
  2. Automated script identification and modification- Identify those scripts which are reusable based (experitest, robotium, Apple UI Automation script). Make sure you modify them based on project requirement.
  3. Manual & Automated testing- Execute both test cases
  4. Usability testing- check usability issues, navigation, and content
  5. Performance testing- Test the performance of the App for its responsiveness, scalability, resource usage, and stability depending on standards.
  6. Security & compliance test- Make sure that the App is secured by checking SQL injection, Data dump, Man in the middle, session hijacking, packet sniffing, SSL validation.
  7. Device testing- Time to execute test cases in another family of devices in the lab or testing simulation tool.

Further below, I would like to mention a few test scenarios where you can check the stability of iOS and Android applications.

1. Functional Testing Scenarios

  • Required fields aren’t shown on the screen of course as discretionary.
  • Does the mobile works in multitask mode?
  • Confirm the correctness of the page scrolling over scenarios
  • Best navigation presence between vital application modules
  • Do not forget to check that the amount of adjusting errors has to be minimal
  • Check the App’s automatic startup is right

2. UI Related Scenarios

  • Check the right image sizes as shown in a proper manner with orientation
  • All spell check is right on alert, error messages, error popup and so forth
  • Check that spinner has to be flexible depending to the screen
  • Confirm that app logo ought is not blurred and title of the App is not incorrectly spelled
  • Make sure that any sort of text ought not to cut off
  • Is the error messages revealing to a user the characteristics of the issue and show what development should be made (where suitable)
  • The time when the screen permits the change of information without saving, make sure it incites the users to save in case they move to another screen or record
  • Guarantee the test cases search for spelling or grammar errors.

3. Compatibility Testing Scenarios

  • Right from incoming calls to text messages, notifications; whether it’s Android or iOS, check how the App’s behavior, especially when the interruption ends.
  • You need to make sure that the App goes out in the background during an incoming call. You may need one more mobile to do this.
  • Whenever the application is running, the alarm function is activated.
  • Check if the mobile can store, get, and send messages while the App is running. To check this also you will require another mobile.

4. Carriers Testing & Network Connectivity Testing

  • Performance of features may vary from one carrier to the other.
  • If there is an occurrence of an inaccurate network error; verify error messages, for instance, “Network Error.”
  • Test application on a few of the big carriers, like Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, and Sprint.
  • Check how the application behaves when connectivity is failed or suddenly switches from 4G to 1G.

5. Security Testing Scenarios

  • The agile QA test on flows which incorporate personally identifiable data and information input needed from the user.
  • Check that data is not leaked through the log files
  • Ensure that all web data transferring to and coming from the application to the server side is secured.

In a nutshell

Most of the people are seen relying on Smartphone and tablets like never before. This makes it extremely vital to have an easily navigable, attractive, and lightweight mobile App at hand.

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The only possibility is to incorporate robust mobile app testing. So that’s all for now! These are specific scenarios where mobile app developers need to keep under consideration and test accordingly when it comes to delivering robust mobile applications.

Author Bio:

Ava Barker working as a Technology Consultant at Tatvasoft UK which is a mobile app development company in London. Coming from a technology background she likes to share her insights about development, design and more. She has also published her author bylines on many different publications online.

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