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What’s the Difference Between an LCD Projector and a LED Projector?

LCD Projector vs LED Projector
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Projectors in the market come designed in different technology to offer the best of it. The LCD and LED technology used on projectors have been used for long and has created a name for itself. LCD technology has been for decades and well known by many and common to speak of it.

The technology has been used on many electronic devices, so is the LED technology. For us to have an impressive idea of what these technologies are and how they are used, it’s best if we have more detailed information.

Let’s explore both of them in detail. The Projectors Lab Also a perfect blog for projectors lover. Who are looking for projectors buying guide and reviews. Now lets talk about LCD and LED projectors.

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What Is LCD? 

The LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is a flat panel display technology that is used in computer monitors, TVs, and projectors.

The LCD id quiet different from the CRT technology and also in the way they operate. It comes with a backlight that can provide the light that is arranged in and individual rectangular grid.

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The pixels are red, green, and blue RGD that can be turned off and on. The color comparison of the images displayed from the devices used on the same projector is good.

Many electronic manufacturers are going for the LCD technology to use on the devices for the incredible features it has. The projectors, for example, have excellent image quality and also have no rainbow effect on the content.

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What Is LED?

The light-emitting diode is one of the technologies used on semiconductor devices that emit visible light when an electric current passes through them.

The technology has the best and long life span when used. Instead of using the bulb don projectors, the projector has arrays of green, blue, and red LEDs.

When the light is mixed, they are able to generate a tremendous accurate color of white light. The light is then reflected on a tiny array of mirrors and passed through the sandwich of the LCD layers.

When we look at this, you will find that the LED projectors are mostly the same as any other projector and the only Difference is the bulb.

The Difference between an LCD projector and a LED projector

Many projectors in the market are designed using different technologies, and each of them has various advantages and disadvantages.

To each person, a particular technology is right, while the other is not all this depends on the features and what the projector can offer. The Difference between the LED and LCD projectors is not many, but they make quite a huge difference to the users.

LCD projectors project the light into the mirrors that are then split into three colors red, green, and blue. The colors are then passed through three separate prisms and projects through the LCD panels.

The individual pixels on the projector is then opened or closed to allow the light to pass through or block it. After the colors are separated, they are then converged in another prism and projected on the screen to get images.

The LCD has got many advantages that making it stand out, with it being common among the technologies used. It produces more accurate colors since it does not have color wheels.

The images tend to be sharper and bight in LCD technology projector and more colorful. Though the LCD projectors are good, they can be a bit heavy if compared to other technologies like the DLP.

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LED projector, on the other, can be defined by the lighting technology used. Most of the projectors that use LED lighting are LED projectors.

Though the projector seems different from the others, it’s the same, and the only Difference comes about with its lighting. The design and everything about the LED projector are the same as others except the bulb.

Some f the DLP projectors and Pico projectors are LED projectors. It is because they use LED technology as well when making the. The LED projector has a long lamp life than any other technology.

It will take an LED projector for more than 20 years of use before one could see another projector, while others may have to use the projector for ten years and above before they buy another.

One of the significant advantages of the LED is the fact that the diodes have a much longer life span than any of the other projectors. It has a rated life span of 10000 hours and above the others of up to 5000 hours.

The Led projectors could be said to have been designed to last an entire life while on use. The only disadvantage of the LED projectors is that they are costly when compared to the other projector.

Why Is an LCD Projector so Popular?

The LCD projector is so popular because it has an excellent capability to produce the best levels of the black and incredible color display. The white and color output of the light is all the same and impressive.

Both the LED and LCD projectors have flooded the market and are going at different prices to give the best.

Though Led is a bit expensive, they still have quite a number of people looking forward to it, especially when upgrading.

It could be a disappointment to the led projectors when they don’t have enough rating, but they are great.


The LCD technology is well known and widely used, becoming the most commonly used in the market, but so are the LED projectors. The competition between both of them is huge, and the effects are also seen.

The LCD projectors tend to be affordable, reliable, and easy to use, making it easier for first time users. For best home entertainment, they stand out significantly, especially.

When using LED, you are sure to have an entire life use for the projector unless it dies automatically. It has a very long life, unlike the LCD projectors though they too have a long life span but depending on the projector.

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