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7 Things you Must Know Before Developing Gaming App

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Life is about relevance. Just as features such mix and match woocommerce makes your ecommerce website more useful. Just as wordpress gdpr plugin gives your website an extra edge and added advantage.

It is in this same manner that your game should satisfy the needs of the people playing it. A game may seem simple but believe me, there is nothing simple about that game. Beyond that simplicity is a complex framework ensuring that you enjoy that game.

So before you delve into game development and design, take some time out to read these seven things you must know before developing a gaming app.

Simplicity remains the Watch Word

You want your game to look spectacular and very good. There is no problem with that. The issue becomes the fact that you may end up becoming extravagant in the process of doing so.

Besides the fact that you will overdo things, you will end up creating a game that will consume large storage space. I will not forgive you if I install a game with so much storage space only for it to turn out to be “big nonsense”.

When you keep your design simple, you tend to have things in control and create a game with minimal storage space.

The fact that your design should be simple does not mean that your game should be too easy for gamers. People like challenges and will get bored when they are not challenged well enough.

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It is not all about “buying”

It is good that you determine or devise a monetization strategy for your app. There are three major ways for apps in general, they are: in app purchases, ads, and premium versions.

For games, however, they are: buying the game, in app purchases and ads. No matter what you do, avoid making gamers feel like all you are trying to do is to make them spend money on your app.

This is a very wrong impression to give as most people will uninstall your game. Instead, gradually introduce them to the monetization aspect.

Do it in such a way that they will be longing to pay. You can lock certain special characters which they will need when they are most likely addicted to the game.

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Do not expect Quick Cash

Unless you plan to go against my previous point, you should not expect returns on investment to come in a flash. There is hardly a game that burst into the gaming scene just like that.

Those that did literally fell off as fast as they grew. The ones that slowly crept into the minds of gamers are the ones those that are still in the game. All you need is to do the right thing and be patient. Do these and the money will flow in.

Your App Design remains very important

Your game design should be up to standard be it internal or external design. The internal design is usually the part people do not see yet it is very important as it determines what your game will feel like.

This does not in any way discredit the external design. Your external design determines what your game will look like. Like I stated earlier, your internal design should be simple. Do not always jump on the big scene especially if this is your first project.

You can start out simple then add your new ideas to updated editions. As for your external design, they should give gamers information about your game at a glance. Do not use characters not present in your game while developing your external design.

What good is a Game that does not tell a Story

Every game tells a story. It could be a long story that guides the game or a very short one. In the end, it is about passing a message across.

Your game’s genre determines the kind of story it would tell. You can as well mix different genres to make your game even exciting. Zombie Roadkill is a combination of endless and adventure genres. Remember, it should tell a story.

Your game is only as good as the device playing it

This is one part you should think about deeply before forging ahead. You can start by talking about the operating system for your game’s device.

Although there are games available across the different operating systems, it will be in your own interest to start with one. It should be the one where your target audience is.

I always recommend the android operating system because it is an open source OS. You should also consider the range of devices capable of playing your game. Their RAM, ROM, processor and screen sizes are things you should consider before forging ahead.

I remember playing Dream League Soccer on my phone. All seemed well till I scored a goal and the goal celebration seemed slow. It was then I realized that my device did not have the processor good enough for the game.

Do your research properly about EVERYTHING?

Your game is just as good as the foundation upon which you build it. There are tons of app development platforms out there. Each one of them has its pros and cons.

Your app development platform plays a role in how your game will turn out to be. Besides your app development platform, you should also get proper and adequate information about game development and design.

The faster way to fail is by not having a plan and you cannot plan well without having adequate information.

This is the more reason why you should trust us to help you convert your paper and pencil idea into a digital one.

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