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HostingRaja – a Web Hosting Company Helping Small and Medium Businesses Grow Online

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Web hosting is a category of service that allows individuals and groups to make a website publicly available on the internet. Simply put, web hosting services fall in the spectrum of special business and they provide the technology needed to view the website on the internet.

The websites or web pages are most likely hosted and saved on a special computing device known as servers.

HostingRaja renders web hosting services that cater to low-cost means of web applications to enterprises, non-profit-making associations, and government agencies.

We offer a broad range of website hosting options, whether you have been looking for an advertising, social media, or e-commerce platform, We always help you choose the one that is best for you. 

Why employ HostingRaja for web hosting?

Comprehensive platform provider

With HostingRaja, You select any CMS you prefer, such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and many more. We also encourage and contribute to software development kits (SDKs) for standard PHP, Java, Ruby, .Net and Node.js, platforms.

Scalability from the inception

Website traffic can fluctuate considerably. HostingRaja is all set to provide solutions even in the middle of the night from campaign-driven efforts to social media sharing spikes.

We do possess the required skills and infrastructure that can develop and deflate to fit in your emergencies.

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Universal Datacenters

We unreservedly drop out of the location factor of our customers. They can be anywhere in India. They are at liberty to use the prescribed amenities to host your website with a datacenter or CDN with only a few mouse clicks. 

Open-ended pricing structures

HostingRaja charges you only for the free support you need with no upfront expenses and long-term commitments. We have product-specific options for web hosting charges which integrates either monthly fixed-rate or pay-as-you-go billing, whichever suits the customer.

HostingRaja: Area of operations

Simple Web hosting

Simple websites usually comprise an individual web server running either as a content management system (CMS) including an e-commerce application (Magneto), WordPress, or a development stack like LAMP.

The software makes the content of your website easy to set up, update, maintain and end up serving to your satisfaction.

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Simple websites are best suited to low to medium trafficking sites with recurring authors and constant changes in content, such as websites marketing, websites for content or blogs. The following areas are worth mentioning:

  • Major software stack websites such as LAMP, LEMP, MEAN, Node. Js.
  • Regular application websites such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento.
  • Customers who desire their web server and the resources to get addressed.
  • Websites that are unlikely to access more than 5 servers.

Single Page Web Hosting

Static web applications that allow a single load in a web browser are called single-page web applications. All related user actions are made available in the browser via HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Besides, Backend data is retrieved via REST APIs or GraphQL, which collects content from a data store and updates the user interface without reloading a page. 

Indigenous or desktop-like performance occurs by single-page web apps. They offer all the advantages of static websites viz., high reliability, low cost, zero server management, and scalability to accommodate business-level traffic with creative functionality and high-speed performance. The suitability areas are as under:

  • Websites with the elements of Gatsby Javascript, Hugo generators, React-static and Jekyll.
  • Websites with the properties of single-page application structures like React JS, Nuxt, Vue JS, and Angular JS.
  • Websites that do not include scripting on the server-side, such as PHP or ASP.NET.
  • Specialized web applications or PWAs.
  • Websites without server backend.

Enterprise Web Hosting

Enterprise websites provide popular services for advertising and news, as well as personal, travel, and another application-filled web hosting.

To support websites with challenges and heavy traffic, enterprise websites always make attempts to scale resources and are readily accessible.

Websites of organizations use numerous web hosting services and often cover multiple data centers known as Availability Zones. Enterprise-level web hosting finds its recognition in the following domains:

  • Websites meant for autoscaling, load balancing, and external databases. 
  • Websites that handle multiple web servers over a minimum of two data centers.
  • Customers requiring absolute control and mobility in configuring and managing their web servers.
  • Websites requiring a consistently high use of the CPU.

Final thought

We offer our customers the most affordable and logical web hosting plans. We understand that small businesses need an inexpensive package, which is why our valued customers come to us expecting to gain attractive hosting variations at a reasonable cost.

HostingRaja is one of India’s best service providers.  Our plan includes Gold (for corporate website), Silver (for small business), and Startups (for new businesses).

We also facilitate most user-friendly unlimited plans that the customers like to go with, which accommodates Premium Corporate (Host unlimited data), Premium SME, Unlimited (For high traffic portal), Unlimited (For medium traffic portal). 

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HostingRaja is the most reliable service provider. Potent features of hosting and proactive customer support make it infallible in the Windows hosting territory. Preferring our consortium as a companion in the online business journey has always been a matter of pride and pragmatism.

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