Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Neater Android Development

Top 5 Tips And Tricks For Neater Android Development
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Getting some decent looking android application up and running can be quite simple. However, there is quite a big difference between making a simple application or a game and actually understanding a whole programing language, framework, or a development process and mastering the art of creating something with neat looking code.

That actually quite a bit more difficult and unfortunately it’s also particularly difficult when it comes to android app development because with android you need to learn java which is in itself a quite complex programing language with OOPs concepts like classes, methods, inheritance, etc.

Apart from this, you need to understand the XML which is the code used for the layout files, you need to understand the product structure, how to use Android SDK and a lot more.

So, yeah when developers say development is not easy, they are not kidding about it. It’s actually a bit of an uphill struggle learning how to develop. It can be a daunting process for beginners to become a best full stack android developer.

However, fresh starts lead to a good ending and so it’s better if you indulge yourself with good programming and development habits like writing neater code, create a robust application, adding comments, etc for android applications. Its quite crucial for beginners and so we provide you the top 5 tips and tricks for neater android development.

Versioning is The Key

Android applications cannot stay the same over long course time, because of a lot of changes to the hardware in the market, updates to the structure of the android operating system, and most importantly to meet the market demand.

This is why most of the developers work on a single application constantly and push stable updates to the application in the form of versions. Deprecation and versioning are common practices in software development. And they are important as well. So, make sure that you make use of any version control system like git, etc in order to create a neat looking android application

Choose A Programming Language

Yes, choosing your development environment and programming language is very important. You need to master at least one programming language that is either a native android development language or a cross-platform development language. Majorly there are 3 competitors in the programing language when it comes to android development.

The first one is Java, the second is Flutter, and the third one is Kotlin. So, if you are not familiar with anyone of these programming languages, then you need to hurry as these are the basic requirement to get started with android development.

Now the question arises, which programming language to learn or use for programming language. Although all three of these languages are well suited for android development, we would recommend learning java first. Why?

Well, the first reason for java is that its a native language that means it a lot faster than the other two languages. Other than that, you need to get your basics strong and Java can help you do so easily. Using java for android development might be a bit old school but it will provide you with a lot of backend knowledge of how android applications actually work.

However, if you have specific requirements for your project we recommend that you prefer to choose the language that suits the project requirement. For instance, if you need a language that works well with both android and ios, then go for Flutter as its a cross-platform development programming language.

Use Feature Flags

There are certain problems with feature branches that can probably mess up your android application. The first is that you have to update them constantly and the other one is that development can take up a lot of time and while you are working on another thread of branch the previous feature branch might have been completely messed up leaving you with a lot of scary red text.

So, what should you do?

Well, the first thing is that you could manually configure the flag to a constant file. Which might or might not work effectively for you. Apart from this, it may consume a lot for your extra time.

The second option you have is to use the Gradle config. Gradle determines which build or the flavor that should have this feature enabled. This way you don’t have to worry about it. You can easily do it through the build types in the build. Gradle file. So, make sure that you use feature flags based on your requirement to add more functionality and branching to the application neatly.

Use Backslash  n

Yes, most of the programming nerds know this backslash n(\n) with the name or functionality of the next line. It’s a simple yet great feature that allows you to create or write more readable code. So, make sure to use \n whenever you feel that you need to make the code look better.

Get Familiar With A Framework

Most of the developers use a framework to make sure that complete their project easily on time. Frameworks are something that can make android development a lot more precise and faster. They are a lot of framework and development environment, but you only need to master one of your choices.

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