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How to use AngularJS for Mobile App Development

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Today, we have many programming languages used in the mobile app development landscape, but the challenge is to choose one that resonates with our requirements completely.

According to recent reports, AngularJS has taken complete control over mobile app development.

AngularJS made its presence in the market in the year 2009 and the reason for its popularity among developers is that the framework is easy to work with and simplifies the web app development process.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework introduced and maintained by Google to address the challenges faced by the developers while developing and testing the code. AngularJS is a reliable framework that runs in any browser environment, regardless of the platform.

AngularJS integrates HTML code application modules forming a framework. It is based on a module view controller i.e MVC architecture which ordinarily used for planning rich web applications.

AngularJS helps in building blocks such as directives for extending HTML attributes, rules to gather data into HTML, handling of error and event, unit testing, branding and routing and more.

AngularJS with Ionic framework

Ionic is a framework that helps you to build mobile apps with web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript. Ionic allows you to build cross-platform applications, which means one codebase can be used to build mobile apps as well as regular web apps.

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Combining Angular and Ionic.According to Piyush Jain founder of simpalm, a AngularJS mobile app development company, Angular is an underlying framework that powers Ionic, Angular is a great front-end framework and Ionic helps to translate the build into the mobile app version of it.

You can easily build functionalities like navigation, user interaction, fetching user inputs, adding authentication, sending requests to the backend, using the device camera, adding google maps and more. The combination of Ionic and Angular makes building cross-platform apps easier.

How to use AngularJS with Ionic?

Node and NPM

Apps in Ionic are created through the Ionic command utility i.e CLI (Command Line Interface) and use Cordova to build and deploy as native apps.

To work with Ionic we need to install a few packages on our machine, like Node.JS and npm because most of the tooling in CLI is based on Node and managed through NPM.

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The best way to install Node and NPM is through the official website, make sure to close any command prompt opened, run the install and open a new terminal window. To verify the install you can run (npm – – version) and (node – – version).

Ionic CLI and Cordova

  • Once we have set up Node and NPM we can move forward to install the Ionic and Cordova CLI by running ( $ npm install -g ionic Cordova ).


  • For Windows, it is done in the admin command prompt, but in the case of Mac and Linux, you may need to run the command by using (Sudo) instead of (-g).


  • Once Ionic and Cordova CLI is installed, you can move ahead and create your Ionic app by running ( $ ionic start AppName blank –type=ionic-angular )


  • To run and test your app in the browser, run the following command:

$ cd AppName

$ ionic serve

Once you have created the setup successfully, you can create your mobile app using web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript, with the help of Ionic and Angular framework.

Popular apps using AngularJS


Most of the travel and destination finder apps are built on AngularJS. JetBlue is an American airline company as an online airline portal, the current version of JetBlue uses AngularJS.

It is one of the best examples of travel and destination finder apps using AngularJS.


AngularJS allows developers to create interactive apps that allow users to perform real-time activities without compromising quality.

Most of the weather forecasting apps are built on AngularJS, Weather.com is one of the top weather forecasting report apps. It is one of the biggest websites using AngularJS.

Freelancer.com and Upwork.com

Famous crowdsourcing apps such as Freelancer.com and Upwork.com are built on AngularJS. Developers can handle a large amount of data, crowdsourced posts as well as user information, all while providing interactive user experience.


Linkedin is one of the world’s most powerful and popular social media apps. It not only handles a large amount of data but also requires an update of data in real-time.

Linkedin uses AngularJS to deal with all the complications with its comprehensible features.

Benefits of using AngularJS

1. MVC Structure

MVC (Model View Controller) is a software design pattern for developing web applications. It’s easy to create dynamic web applications using AngularJS MVC architecture.

AngularJS uses MVC architecture differently. With AngularJS MVC facility we can maintain the data by the model, display the data with the help of view and the controller establishes the connection between the model and view. It saves time in the development process.

2. Modules

A module in AngularJS contains different parts of an application such as controller, service, filters, directives, factories etc. It helps us to divide tasks across different team members and accomplish the goal and It keeps codes organised.

It helps developers and professionals to enhance productivity with an appropriate module built.

3. Testing

AngularJS uses a dependency injection concept to make it easy to grab the piece of your code. With better testing, you get better quality applications.

Testing becomes effective and simple with AngularJS as the modules are easy to manipulate and it allows the developers to load required service and perform automatic testing by segregating the module.

4. User Interface

Applications are not useful without a good user interface. AngularJS gives us some best tools that help with building the user interface.

AngularJS defines the user interface of an application upon HTML, It makes UI development more declarative and instinctive. Building a user interface takes less time with AngularJS as HTML is a more straightforward language than Javascript.

5. Data Binding

AngularJS saves a significant amount of time for developers in writing an excessive amount of code as it makes use of two-way data binding. two-way data binding keeps the model and the view and sync at all times i.e a change in the model update the view and change in the view update the model.

6.   POJO

(Plain Old JavaScript Object) POJO is used in the AngularJS framework. POJO allows object manipulation by offering all the traditional JavaScript functionality. Developers can add or delete properties from the objects and loop over objects whenever necessary.


In the short span of three years, from 2013 to 2016, AngularJS grew by 682682 per cent which is a tremendous growth as compared to any other JavaScript framework.

It is the most used JavaScript framework compared to EmberJS and JQuery. AngularJS has undergone significant changes between version 1 .x to 2.0. The best part is that it has the largest community for developers which is one of the most significant factors for any technology that a developer will choose.

Considering all these facts AngularJS has a bright future in upcoming years in modern, complex app development because large technology companies are choosing AngularJS for their client’s requirements.

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