Smart Guide for Employee Productivity in 2021

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Not many people know that humans can create exceptional work and this is as and when they are determined, intentional, and free from all kinds of distractions.

The major issue with distractions is that they are inescapable right in our tech-driven world. You would be going to start an important task, and later on, you find yourself spending time on the various cat videos for hours.

Frankly, distractions would lead to procrastination and they are the best or opposite of productivity.

Productivity Through Time

During the industrial time, labor was cheap but abundant. But in this era, the major goal is to maximize the worker’s productivity at all costs.  Here productivity was created used input and even the number of hours present in the work. Industrial workers worked for 80-100 hour weeks during the time.

But the industry owners again assumed that the more laborers worked, the more they worked.

Here this particular notion misses the most important point, humans are not machines. Machines are not tired – physically and mentally. Most importantly, they won’t succumb to injuries and other factors won’t affect their work in slowing down.

Now Current Reality

Currently, there are various labor norms and laws that secure workers from getting exposed to many extreme working conditions. But even a 40-hour workweek makes companies approach productivity right from a linear perspective, and this is focused on input as the indicator of productivity.

For example, you can keep tabs on how early employees arrive, take a break, and how many late nights’ employees stay clock in.

How to Measure Productivity?

We live in a modern work environment. Here the definition of productivity must be taken into account especially the quality and value of the production. Here setting up your team for success would mean shifting the focus on tracking employee output.

A traditional model of productivity would be limited and it won’t provide one with a granular understanding of the whole output of one’s work. Ultimately, a better fitting definition of productivity means producing valuable and quality work right in a short period.

Internal Barriers to Productivity

For understanding the internal barriers to productivity, you need to think regarding the various scenarios. A motivated and diligent employee would feel their hard work is unrecognized in a day-to-day manner.

Sometimes managers would be stressed and overworked. As a result, the busy managers would make the time for recognition during the formal evaluations, and that too handful of times a year.

Wrapping Up

If you want to improve employee, go for an employee productivity tool. Get it now and see for yourself how easy and efficient it is to use.

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