What is the Difference Between an iPad and a Tablet?

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In a world of smart devices where you get plenty of innovative technology at the palm of your hands, comes the inevitable tablets that serve the need for both Computers and a smartphone.

But there’s a strict line in between them, mostly because of how they operate. For example, Tablets and iPads are the two important topics in this regard. By look, although they look the same.

But there’s an actual difference in terms of usability, performance, and integrity. It’s been a debate for a very long time and will remain so in the future. So, in the simplest way possible, we’ll explain the actual difference.

The Difference Between iPad and Tablets

First things first, the iPad is Apple’s brand name for a tablet. They fall in the same category as other tablets. The reason why they are fabricated as ‘iPad’ is because Apple is really good at making their brand name recognizable.

Think of it as the same as an iPhone and an Android Phone. Although they both fall in the Smartphone category, they have major differences in terms of Hardware and Software. Following the same approach, iPads are Apple Tablets and the term ‘tablet’ itself are Android devices.

Sound’s mixed? Here are some points that will explain it better

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1. Branding

In terms of branding, Apple seems to have taken all the lead. They have a fine line of products that are recognizable around the world. Samsung also have Galaxy Tab series, but those aren’t as popular as iPad – Or at least just a fragment of them.

2. Operating System

There are 2 types of operating systems available for these devices, Android and iOS. Since iOS is proprietary to Apple, all the other tablets fall in the Android category.

Some manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, and Kindle has developed their separate skin that works on Android. It’s a bit different and customizable than the standard Android experience.

3. Apps

Just like Operating System, Apps are divided into 2 categories as well. You’ve got the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

4. Design

The first thing that attracts customers is design. Since Apple has more of a Goodwill approach, their devices are likely to get more attracted to customers. Android Tablet community on the other side has to follow strict design policy to make their devices unique and attractable.

5. Performance

This is arguably the most interesting debate on the Internet. And for this special term, we’re not taking anyone’s side. However, we will point out the technical analysis.

The iPad runs on iOS which is programmed by the same company. This makes them prone to a more performance-oriented task as all the optimizations are done within the system.

6. Customization

It’s without a doubt that Android offers much customization for any of their Tablet devices. You’ve got options to change the widgets, theme, User-Interface, and Install Third-Party apk files. For iOS, it’s a steep line. You will only get options that Apple wants you to see.

7. Variants

Android is a free open-source Operation system, that any company can install on their device. This ultimately makes them a higher market in terms of availability and variant options. Apple launches 2 iPads per year, while there are 30+ tablets launched every year in the Android community.

8. Prices

Because there are tons of variants, Android tablets are much cheaper compared to iPads. You can even buy an Android tablet for just $50. iPads on the other side are not budget-friendly. Newer models can cost up to $500.

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