Pros and Cons of Getting a Hatchback Car

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If you are considering getting a new compact car, you have many options but mainly you can choose either a sedan or a hatchback. While Sedans are slightly more popular in the States, hatchbacks are catching up.

Hatchbacks may be the underdog, but there is a lot going on for these mean beasts. So do you choose a Liftgate or Trunk?

Here are some things you should consider when making the choice.

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Pro: Hatchbacks have tons of Space

If there’s one thing that hatchbacks have going for them it is the superior space you get when you get one. On average, a small hatchback often has more cargo space than a medium sized sedan, and if you fold back the rear seatback that is a standard option in hatchbacks, you can pretty much turn your compact car into a mini U-haul.

In fact, last year a friend of mine was unable to find any available office movers in Los Angeles, she and her colleagues used their hatchbacks to get the job done. In fact, many companies are doing this as a profession. One of well-known companies is Royal moving co.

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Pro: Hatchbacks have lots of Flexibility

You can use a hatchback to carry people, cargo, pets, or any combination of these. While the rear seat split folding option is standard in a lot of cars these days, this feature benefits hatchbacks the most since they have much more volume on the inside.

This allows them the flexibility to be used for any number of purposes. This means that hatchbacks are a convenient choice no matter what your plans are, from furniture shopping, peewee football matches, for a girl’s night out, or even to the grocery store.

Con: They are not as readily available

Hatchbacks have far more limited availability compared to sedans. One cause of this is that the average American consumer does not prefer a hatchback.

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This also makes for slimmer pickings at the used cars market and dealerships when you try to find a deal for hatchbacks. Usually there is a much wider range of options available for sedans than hatchbacks.

Pro: Hatchbacks are bigger on the inside

Hatchbacks are a bit like the TARDIS in this regard; they may be unassuming when you look at them from the outside, but they are bigger on the inside.

The interior of most hatchbacks is almost as spacious as larger sedans but without the added exterior dimensions. This means that hatchbacks are far more convenient, especially in big cities where parking can be a problem.

Con: Hatchbacks can be more expensive

Some car manufacturers only make hatchback body style models on higher trim levels of their existing car models. This means that they have be slightly higher in terms of price point when compared to their sedan counterparts.

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In the rare instances where hatch back models are made available on all the trim levels or if the model is available only as a hatchback, they are usually priced much higher than the sedan equivalent of the same model.

This drives up the price for hatchbacks up which makes it more expensive and less affordable for low end consumers.

Pro: Hatchbacks have more Headroom

The way hatchbacks are built gives them a higher roof compared to sedans. This makes it more convenient to lug around big bulky items easily.

The same higher roof line also allows for more headroom, especially to the passengers in the back seat. Very convenient if you make friends with a giraffe, or if you have other, more energetic activities planned for the back seat.

Con: Hatchbacks can be Fuel inefficient

This is not always the case, but sometimes fuel economy is not a strong point for hatchbacks.

Hatchbacks are blockier and not streamlined like sedans, so they are less aerodynamic and cause more drag. That and their shorter length makes them take a dent in terms of fuel economy.

Pro: They have better Visibility

There is more glass area in hatchbacks since they are more upright compared to sedans. This means that hatchbacks have better visibility in the front and in the back that’s to the bigger windows all around you.

Most hatchback rear windows are also straighter than sedans, which gives a better view in the rear-view mirror as there is less refraction and distortion. Additionally these larger windows are a boon on rainy or snowy days when visibility is already low.

CON: Hatchbacks are Heavier

Hatchbacks pack a ton of extra utility but all that comes at a price. In comparison to sedans, hatchbacks weigh a tad more because of the tailgate, the extra body structures, and the extra glass. The weight difference between a sedan and a hatchback can range from a few pounds up to one hundred pounds, depending on the hatchback model.

In conclusion, there are many things to factor in when you make the choice to go for a hatchback, or not.

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