Top 5 Tips for Choosing Best Dedicated Hosting Plans in 2022

Dedicated Server Hosting
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When you are selecting the optimal hosting plan for your business, you are balancing between the volume of resources you need and the price you can afford to pay. Since requirements do vary, it could well be said that there is no such thing as the hosting plan that equally fits everyone.

Hostkey, one of the most reputable European dedicated server providers, offers a great variety of equally perfect hosting options. It means that each of them could turn out ideally suitable for a particular company, depending on the job to be done.

Well, the rule of thumb is that hosting should provide enough resources to ensure smooth operation of the business (plus a bit extra just in case) at the lowest possible price. The tips for choosing the best dedicated virtual server hosting plans are quite simple and common-sense.

To begin with, you should clearly understand what end result you’re going to get, i.e. the configuration optimal for your business requirements. Simply selecting the latest and the most powerful option may work, but it means paying a lot extra. So, you had better think over a few corners you can cleverly cut. Here are just a few ones to consider:

HDD vs. SSD:

The former is more budget-friendly, especially when you deal with large volumes of data. If you are intending to use memory drives mostly as a storage of information that doesn’t require constant high-speed or distributed access, HDD is your choice.

The latter is faster, although more expensive; it is a good choice for databases or file storing systems with active multi-user access.

The Volume of RAM:

In a nutshell, the bigger, the better. The optimal volume of RAM should be close to that of the database and your content, plus maybe a little extra.


The type of the central processor unit, its generation, frequency and number of cores won’t considerably affect operation of ordinary websites. However, to be on the safe side, it’s usually recommended to have a separate core per site.

If you are an owner of a popular web resource with plenty of site traffic, it is better to add more CPUs/cores. If dynamic reconfiguration, allowing you to increase the number of CPUs and cores, is available, it is a huge plus to the hosting provider. (Hostkey provides it, by the way.)

The Physical Location of the Server:

It sometimes matters a lot. Owners of commercial websites know that it’s a good idea to host their resources on servers located as close to their target audience as possible.

It ensures quicker response to queries, which in its turn means higher position in search results. Also, there are certain legislation requirements as to storing and processing personal data, which may include, say, keeping these data in a particular country.

It becomes especially important if you own dynamically changing sites: in such a case use of caching services like Cloudflare doesn’t actually give advantages, and might even harm.

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Now let’s name 5 plans from Hostkey and find out when they are the best.

Your needs are minimum:

If you are going to host one or two websites with average traffic, just pick the cheapest plan – it will be sufficient.

Your requirements are basic:

You still have one or two sites, although the amount of traffic is larger. In this case, a rather inexpensive solution will do, but with more RAM and faster drives.

The Medium Variant:

It will suit customers who own up to a dozen moderately loaded websites. This option should include additional IPs, as well as the bigger number of CPU cores.

An Advanced Plan:

It’s a good fit if you own high load sites. The bigger number of processors and added hardware RAID ensures flawless operation of all your resources.

The Maximum Plan:

You’ll definitely need it for web hosting dynamically changing services with heavy loads of complex queries. This variant includes maximum memory, distribution of services over several network channels, the fastest drives and top-notch processors with computing power, which will be enough for all tasks.

One more factor that matters a lot is whether you have a proficient system administrator. If your tasks are rather typical, the control panels provided by Hostkey – cPanel, VestaCP and ISPConfig – will do well. Otherwise, the managed hosting service is worth your attention.

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Whatever you choose, it is highly recommended to compare dedicated hosting plans from different providers to find the solution with the best price-quality ratio. Here Hostkey is beyond comparison: its prices are among the lowest in the industry, while quality of its services has always been impeccable.

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