9 Myths about Chatbots

Myths about Chatbots
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Chatbots are becoming an essential element of today’s business. It provided new dimensions to any organization and industry and will increase profit. Experts analyze that more and more firms are adopting chatbots for effective day-to-day operations and customer care services, and this number will increase more in coming years.

Despite this, many myths are attached to the Chabot that stop organizations from adopting this incredible technology.

If you are also hesitating to introduce chatbot in your organization, then this will help you to clear your misunderstanding.

Myth 1: Chatbot Technology is New

Many people believe that chatbots are an invention that is only 10 to 15 years old, but it dates back to 1966 when a psychotherapist developed Eliza.

An individual has to write a problem he or she is facing then automatic replies are generated. Many similar innovations take place after that. But the Chabot gains popularity when IBM and Siri were created.

Myth 2: Chatbot is only for Customer Service

It is not true. Chatbots can be used in a different sector to do minimal tasks. For example, it can be used in the education sector for providing virtual education.

Doctors can use it to keep track of patients’ health. In the banking industry, it helps bank customers to engage in  safe transactions. Moreover, it can be used in many organizations for performing simple tasks.

In short, chatbots will provide you many advantages to your business.

Myth 3: Chatbots can cause Unemployment

The purpose of chatbots is to help individuals so that they can focus on those tasks that require much of their attention rather than waste their time on minimal work. However, Chabot still needs live agents for the complex problems.

Myth 4: Chatbot is Text-based

Mainly it is believed that chatbots are based on written text, but chatbots enabled voice apps are used in many organizations. Some can judge human emotions and sentiments, so that they can deliver a far better experience.

Myth 5: Chatbots are like FAQ

Chatbots can be deployed to answer frequently answer questions, but they are entirely different and can do so much more. They can interact like a human and answer their concerns, sometimes client’s preferred language.

Myth 6: Chatbot is available only for Messenger

This is probably one of the most significant misconception people have about chatbots. However, chatbot developers can build it on every platform like Twitter, slack telegrams, and others.

Myth 7: Chatbots can cater for only big Organizations

Chatbots are for every business, whether large, midsized, or small. Every organization can benefit from it. Moreover, the best Chabot feature is that it can be cost-effective and helpful to any business.

Myth 8: Chatbots only have one type

They come in many different varieties. Rule-based type, that follow the specific instructions and voice based social messaging chatbots are some examples. Organizations can select according to their need.

Myth 9: Chatbots are easy to make

Developing chatbots is a complex task that may require the services of a chatbot developer. Individuals and organizations may need the help of a developer to build one.

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They will grant you to provide the best chatbots and voice apps.

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