Email Marketing: Tips for Effortless Success

Email Marketing
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As new digital marketing techniques arise and mature, promotional emails remain one of the marketer’s most reliable instruments. In this article, we’ll share solutions to common problems with email campaigns.

Aside from these, you are welcome to make use of helpful practical recommendations that will enable you to craft more efficient campaigns at a lower cost.

Data Is the Key

Whichever choices you make when it comes to marketing your goods and services, make sure they are data-driven. In the context of email marketing, Unisender email analytics is an immensely powerful set of tools that you can use to inform your decisions regarding future campaigns. 

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The term refers to collecting and interpreting data on how your emails have been received by the target audience any combinations of the following:

  • conversion rate,
  • click maps, i.e. which parts of the email generate the most conversions,
  • how many recipients unsubscribe to reading your email, 
  • how many people delete it without opening it,
  • how often the interactive elements are used, and much more.

Being able to analyze such data, curated and prettified to save your time, means truly knowing your customer.

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Learn from your Mistakes

Possibly, the most important reason why it’s important to get your campaign data analyzed is to find out what was good and what could have been better. For instance, the statistics might reveal an element’s inefficiency.

Chances are that you’ll find out that part of your audience doesn’t like getting emails from you, while others clearly love it. The most valuable thing about such retrospectives is that they pave the way for optimization.

EMail Marketing Tips
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Think of improvements

When you are aware of the aspects you need to work on, looking for possible solutions becomes an urgent task. The table below shows a number of examples of how you could tweak your email marketing strategy based on data.

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IssueHow to Solve
  1. People won’t open the emails.
  1. Work to raise brand awareness and/or improve the subject presentation.
  1. Poor click-through rates.
2. Make the introduction less wordy and more engaging.
  1. A large percentage of emails end up undelivered.
3. Look at the technical side.


Marry Email Marketing with Social Media

While many marketers perceive social networks as emails’ biggest rival, the two can make great partners. For instance, it might be a good idea to send an email to anyone who mentions your brand in a social media post.

With open-access profiles, you’ll also be able to see, and make use of, the person’s information. One possible example is gaining birthday data to send appropriately time emails.

Informed Decision Is Behind Most Success Stories

The settings in which email marketing can prove beneficial at a low cost are both numerous and diverse. No two marketing situations are alike to a professional. It’s only wise to rely on objective data to highlight the unique nature of each potential conversion and proceed accordingly.

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