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Satellite Cable DTH Pay TV Providers – Cheap Multi-Channel TV

For most Nigerians multi-channel TV is a big dream. Apart from Nigerians living in Lagos, Abuja, and may be Port Harcourt, most Nigerians have access to less than five free terrestrial TV channels. This means that most Nigerians rely on terrestrial, satellite, or cable Direct-to-Home DTH TV for multi-channel TV. Here we will be providing information on cheap terrestrial TV, satellite TV like DSTV Access, or cable Direct-to-Home DTH Pay TV packages in Nigeria. Join us after the break for cheap satellite TV, Cable TV, and Pay TV services in Nigeria. A number of companies offer cheap DTH Pay TV services...

Nokia Suite Ovi Suite Connect Nokia Phones to Computer

Nokia Suite, formally known as the Nokia Ovi Suite, is a software application, provided by Nokia to enable owners of Nokia phones and devices connect their devices with a computer. Nokia Suite is a replacement for the Nokia PC Suite. Nokia Ovi Suite allows users of Nokia mobile phones backup contents of their mobile phone to a computer as well as sync contacts, calendars, messages, etc between computer and Nokia phone. Other features of the Nokia Ovi Suite include connecting your computer to internet with Nokia phone as modem, free Maps download of any supported country, software update, transferring videos and...
Outsource Mobile App Development

How to Outsource Mobile App Development in 2023

As businesses continue to expand their operations and reach out to a wider audience, mobile app development has become an essential part of their strategy. With the increased demand for mobile apps, businesses are looking for ways to outsource their app development projects to save time and money while maintaining quality standards. In this article, we will explore why you should outsource app development?, Benefits, and the different ways to outsource mobile app development in 2023. Why Should You Outsource App Development? In today's fast-paced business environment, it's becoming increasingly common for companies to outsource app development to third-party providers. Outsourcing app...

A Definitive Guide to Sell Digital Products on TikTok [2023]

TikTok is no longer just a platform for mindless scrolling through a never-ending feed. It is a versatile social media application that enables talented individuals to accomplish diverse goals. Especially the creators can monetize their content and diversify their income on the go.  Selling digital products is one of the sought-after ways to earn money by unleashing creativity. Though there are a plethora of digital channels out there on the internet, TikTok is the trendiest platform to promote your digital products and drive incredible sales profitably. Moreover, you can avail the support of Trollishly to reach more potential audiences instantly...
Update your Business Website Regularly

5 Benefits of a Business Website – Online Business

If you have not yet made-up your mind about a website for your business, this article attempts to show you how your business could benefit from a website. In this article you will find the importance of a website to a modern day business and why it should be core to your going online strategy. Also see 6 Reasons to Build a Website for your Business A website creates a dedicated space for your business on the internet from where you can coordinate your online campaigns. It also makes it easy to take advantage of opportunities online for growing your business....
Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G

Tecno Phantom V Fold Specs, Price, and Best Deals

Tecno Phantom V Fold is the company's first foldable phone with sleek form joining the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Phantom V Fold features ultra-large LTPO AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, stunning camera system, strong impressive hinge, excellent performance, improved sensors, long-lasting battery with fast charging feature. Along with the Spark 10 Pro, the Phantom V Fold is the first Tecno phone to come loaded with Android 13 out of the box. Where to Buy Tecno Phantom V Fold Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers |...
Tecno Spark 10 Pro

Tecno Spark 10 Pro Specs, Price, and Best Deals

Tecno Spark 10 Pro is the latest addition to the Tecno Spark family. This smartphone comes with striking features and specifications including 6.8-inch HD+ display, triple camera with a 50MP primary lens, 5000 mAh battery, and powered by a MediaTek Helio G88 processor, which is paired with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. Along with the Tecno Phantom V Fold, this smartphone is one of the first set of Tecno phones to come with Android 13 out of the box. The Tecno Spark 10 Pro is a great smartphone at an affordable price. Where to Buy Tecno Spark...
Watch Big Brother Titans

Big Brother Titans: Everything you Need to Know

Multichoice's thrilling new reality TV game show, the Big Brother Titans, premiered on the 15th of January, 2023 at 7 pm with 20 housemates from Nigeria and South Africa. The reality TV show will run for 72 days with the winner taking home a grand price of $100,000. In this page, you will find every information you need about Big Brother Titans. Big Brother Titans launched on January 15, 2023 with 20 housemates, but in true Big Brother fashion there was a twist on January 19 during the Thursday night pool party with four additional housemates joining the house to...
TestPro SDET

TestPro’s Recipe for SDET Success

Diversity creates opportunity. This is true of every aspect of life, but is especially relevant to career pathways. If you have a background in the basics of computer programming and a desire to delve deeper into software engineering, exciting and rewarding job prospects await, For those selecting a path into software development and considering a role as either a developer or QA automation tester, why not choose a career that embraces both. A software development in test (SDET) role, combines programming and testing skills and activities into a multihyphenate job description that opens up access to more employment opportunities, higher...
Tecno Phones - Tecno W4 Rear Image

Tecno Phones Price, Specs, Store, and Best Deals

Tecno Phones have grown from being the brand for consumers with tight budgets to a brand that meets all consumer needs. Tecno is one of the most popular brand of entry level and mid range mobile phones. With less than 44,500 Naira ($85) one can buy a Tecno smartphone running Android, making it one of the leading smartphone brand of choice for the masses and young people in Nigeria and Africa. Where to Buy Tecno Phones Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Are you looking for deals on Tecno phones and...

Unlock the Power of HVAC Management Software: Streamline your Business Today!

Managing a successful HVAC business requires the right tools and software. But how do you choose the best HVAC management software for your company? With so many options available, it can be challenging to find the best HVAC management software that offers all of the features necessary for streamlining scheduling, automating invoicing, and optimizing efficiency. To understand why HVAC management software is vital in today's competitive market and to learn about its key advantages, this blog post provides further insight. Read on to learn more about how this powerful tool can help take your business to new heights. Streamline Scheduling Our HVAC...
Colocation Cost

How to Calculate the True Cost of Colocation: The Ultimate Guide

Colocation is an increasingly popular option for businesses outsourcing their data center needs. However, determining the true cost of colocation can be challenging, as there are many factors to consider beyond the basic monthly price.  In this ultimate guide, we'll explore everything you need to know to calculate colocation pricing accurately. What is Colocation? To begin, let's define what we mean by colocation. Colocation is a service provided by data center facilities that allow businesses to rent space for their servers and other computing hardware.  Colocation providers offer a secure and reliable environment for businesses to house their IT infrastructure, with features like...
Jumia Tech Week 2023

Jumia Tech Week 2023, Best Deals on Phones, TVs, Laptops, and...

Jumia Tech Week 2023 is coming soon. Jumia, Africa's leading online retailer, is holding the biggest sales event on tech gadgets and products for 2023. In Nigeria, you will find great deals and discounts from leading brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oraimo, Weyon, Infinix, Fouani, Tecno, Edifier, Lontor, Somotex, Thermocool, Nexus, Scanfrost, Century, Binatone, and Philips. From March 20 to April 2, 2023, Jumia would be offering consumers in Nigeria, and across Africa some of the best deals on mobile phones, TVs, Power banks, Wireless earbuds, Laptops, Tablets, home appliances, and tech accessories. Checkout Deals. Jumia Tech Week replaced Jumia Mobile...
Watch Big Brother Titans

Watch Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) Live Stream Online and Mobile Free

Multichoice's exciting new reality TV show, the Big Brother Titans is gradually getting to the finale stage with 9 housemates remaining in the house. Follow all the excitement and find out who wins the show. You can watch Big Brother Titans on all Multichoice platforms like DSTV, GOtv, and Showmax. To watch the reality TV show live on your TV, tune in to channel 198 on DSTV or channel 29 on GOTV on your decoder. Additionally, you can watch Big Brother Titans live stream free on the DSTV App and Showmax using your mobile phone or online with just...
Watch Big Brother Titans in USA, UK, Canada, NZ, and Australia

How to Watch Big Brother Titans in the USA, Canada, UK,...

Big Brother Titans (a.k.a. BBTitans) is now heading towards the finale with 9 housemates remaining in the house. This is a great time to start watching the Reality TV show as there will be a lot of intrigues, suspense, and excitement as we all want to know who will be the winner. The shows airs in Nigeria, South Africa, and across 43 other countries in Africa on Multichoice platforms like DSTV, GOTV, and ShowMax. You can also watch Big Brother Titans live stream in the United Kingdom on Showmax. BBTitans is not officially available in the rest of the...
Cheap Android Phones 2021

Cheap Android Phones 2023 – Price, Specs, and Best Deals

Android phones are the most popular smartphone category. The popularity of Android phones are largely due to their adoption by most mobile phone manufacturers as their platform of choice and the cheap cost of Android phones. Here are some of the best Cheap Android Phones to consider in 2023. Some of the reasons why Android seems popular to phone manufacturers include that it is open with little restrictions giving OEMs the liberty to be creative and differentiate their mobile phone models. Where to Buy Cheap Android Phones Jumia Nigeria– See Offers | Jumia Kenya-See Offers | Jumia Ghana– See Offers Another reason is...
WordPress vs Magento

WordPress vs Magento: Which One to Choose for Ecommerce Store

If you want to start an online business then the first thing to do is choose the right platform for your website. There are hundreds of different ecommerce platforms out there and each one combines different benefits from its competitors. But which one should you choose? This is the question most entrepreneurs ask when they are in a rush and want to get their website online quickly. WordPress, the free open-source content management system (CMS), and Magento, a suite of e-commerce software for small and midsize businesses by Italian company eBay. Although both of them are great platforms to build...

Factors Behind Longevity of Computerized Yuan in the Economy!

The economy is the essential concern of every government because the government's officials always want the best economy. After all, it is one thing that helps them increase the value of the things exported by the country. On the other hand, if a country's economy is good, it will have the power to deal with the problems on the international level. There are many things the government is using as a strategy to increase the graph of the economy, and the invention of the digital yuan by China is one of them. Numerous links like china's digital currency can help...
Bitcoin Investing Options that aren't too Risky

Trade Smartly when Bitcoin is on High

When Bitcoin's value is on high time, many intelligent traders must use the right strategies to get the most out of their investments. So, in this post, we will check out some strategies that savvy BTC investors may use when the crypto market is on the upswing, like this Consider dollar-cost averaging (DCA). This approach entails making small investments in Bitcoin over a certain period. This spreads risk and gives the investor a better chance of taking advantage of volatile markets. This strategy helps reduce the impact of the market volatility over the investment returns and results in lower average...
Invest in Cryptocurrency

Ways to Invest in Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency is the most innovative and digital means of investing your hard earned money and has been gaining massive popularity since its launch. Though cryptocurrencies are quite volatile, they will provide substantial potential returns. There're many ways you may invest in cryptocurrency. Whether you are an experienced investor or a first-time crypto enthusiast, you must check out this application. Invest through Exchange An exchange is one of the most common ways to invest in cryptocurrency. You can find a variety of exchanges available that let you buy and sell different types of cryptocurrencies. Many of these exchanges require you to verify your...
Invest in Bitcoin (Strategies)

Top Strategies to Invest in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies have today become a pretty emerging asset class. With bitcoin being highly adopted as a payment form, you need to have it in your portfolio mix. However, this took almost one decade for the crypto exchanges as well as investment applications to become mainstream. Till then, cryptocurrency investment was a tough activity for ordinary people. However, now, you can do it on your phone. So, before you begin the crypto investment journey, it is essential to consider the crypto investment landscape and volatility. However, by choosing the best cryptocurrency investment strategies and following them rigorously at, nothing will...
Bitcoin Investors Lessons

Essential Lessons for Bitcoin Investors

As this crypto market continues growing and becoming quite prevalent, many investors are keen to invest in Bitcoin. Though you can earn money with this type of investing, there're a few crucial lessons at Bitcoin Loophole that new investors must take to heart. Let us understand the basics lesson on bitcoin trading here: Be Cautious The first and most crucial lesson Bitcoin investors should know is to be cautious. As with any investment, a certain degree of risk is involved, so investors should be careful only to invest what they can afford to lose. Additionally, they should diversify their portfolio and be mindful...
Best Android Phones

Best Android Phones 2023 – Price, Specs, and Best Deals

New Android Phones are launched into the market every week. This means that if you are in the market for a smartphone you have so many models to choose from. If you are planning to buy an Android smartphone in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, or possibly any country in Africa or indeed the world this article provides the all star list of Android phones. Behold the best Android phones to buy right now. Where to Buy Best Android Phones Jumia Nigeria– See Offers | Jumia Kenya-See Offers | Jumia Ghana– See Offers Android phones have come a long way from a humble beginning...
Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro Specs, Price, and Best Deals

The Pixel 7 Pro is the perfect upgrade for the year 2021 Pixel 6 Pro and a good match for Apple's iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Sporting a redefined design, crystal clear display, a powerful processor, plenty of RAM and storage, and a great camera system. The battery life and wireless charging make it even more convenient, and the IP68 water resistance ensures that it can handle the elements. If you're looking for a powerful and feature-packed smartphone, with the the new Tensor G2, the Google Pixel 7 Pro is definitely worth considering. Where to Buy Google...
Pixel 7

Google Pixel 7 Specs, Price, and Best Deals

The Google Pixel 7 is the latest flagship smartphone from Google, and it's one of the best Android phones on the market. It has a sleek design, powerful hardware, and a great camera. The Pixel 7 also has a few unique features that make it stand out from the competition. It has a new Google Assistant feature that allows you to control your phone with your voice, and it has a new Night Sight mode that lets you take stunning low-light photos. The Pixel 7 is the perfect choice for Android users who want a powerful and reliable smartphone....
Xiaomi 12T Pro

Xiaomi 12T Pro Specs, Price, and Best Deals

The Xiaomi 12T Pro is a high-end smartphone released by Xiaomi in October 2022. It is part of Xiaomi's 12 series, which includes the Xiaomi 12 and the Xiaomi 12T. As an upgrade of the Xiaomi 11T Pro, the Xiaomi 12T Pro boasts a number of impressive features, including a large and vibrant display, powerful processing capabilities, a triple rear camera setup, large battery and 5G connectivity. Where to Buy Xiaomi 12T Pro Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Xiaomi 12T Pro Key Specs and Features 6.67 inches AMOLED Display, 1220...
Xiaomi 12T

Xiaomi 12T Specs, Price, and Best Deals

Xiaomi 12T, a successor to the Xiaomi 11T is a midrange smartphone featuring a 6.67 inch OLED display, triple-camera set-up on the rear side, and 20MP front camera. It is equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 MT6895Z chipset with up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage, 5000mAh battery life and run on MIUI 13 based on Android 12. Where to Buy Xiaomi 12T Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Xiaomi 12T Key Specs and Features 6.67 inches AMOLED Display, 1220 x 2712 pixels (~446 ppi density),...
Poco M5s

Xiaomi Poco M5s Specs, Price, and Best Deals

Xiaomi Poco M5s is the premium version of the Poco M5, the latest addition to the Poco series of smartphones from Xiaomi. It is a mid-range device featuring a 6.43-inch AMOLED display, a Mediatek Helio G95 processor, and a 5,000 mAh battery. Xiaomi Poco M5s also features a quad rear camera setup and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. The device runs on MIUI 13 based on Android 12 and is available in three color options; Gray, Blue, White. Where to Buy Xiaomi Poco M5s Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Xiaomi Poco...
Best March Deals 2022

Best March Deals 2023

There are a lot of deals this March. Jumia, Africa's leading online retailer is holding its Tech Week Sale from March 20 with discounts in loads of Tech products. Here are some of the best March Deals for 2023. Join us here for some of the best deals this March. Find deals and bargains on mobile phones, power banks, Wireless Earbuds, TV, smartwatches, and home appliances. Like during January deals and February deals, you would also find attractive bargains on groceries and home supplies. If you want to buy a new TV, mobile phone, generator, laptop or just want deals on...
Poco M5

Xiaomi Poco M5 Specs, Price, and Best Deals

Xiaomi Poco M5 is is one of Xiaomi's most affordable handsets. It is the successor to the popular Poco M4, its packed with a range of features that make it a great choice for those looking for a powerful and feature-rich device. Xiaomi Poco M5 features a 6.58-inch IPS LCD display, a MediaTek MT8781 Helio G99 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a triple rear camera including 50 MP wide, 2 MP macro and 2 MP depth camera, with a 5,000 mAh battery. Where to Buy Xiaomi Poco M5 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers...
Xiaomi Poco C50

Xiaomi Poco C50 Specs, Price, and Best Deals

Xiaomi Poco C50 is the latest addition to the Poco series of smartphones. It is a mid-range device that offers a great combination of features and performance at an affordable price. The device is powered by a Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22 processor and comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Xiaomi Poco C50 has a 6.52-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels and a 20:9 aspect ratio. The device runs on Android 10 and is powered by a 5000mAh battery. Where to Buy Xiaomi Poco C50 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia...
Samsung Galaxy M04

Samsung Galaxy M04 Specs, Price, and Best Deals

The Samsung Galaxy M04 is a budget-friendly smartphone that packs a punch. With its sleek design, vibrant display, and impressive camera, the Galaxy M04 is a great choice for those looking for an affordable device that still offers a great experience. It features a 6.5-inch PLS LCD display, a Mediatek MT6765 Helio P35 processor with 4GB RAM, a dual rear camera; 13MP main and 2MP depth camera, with 5MP front camera and 5,000mAh battery. Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy M04 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Samsung Galaxy M04 Key Specs...
Samsung Galaxy F04

Samsung Galaxy F04 Specs, Price, and Best Deals

Samsung Galaxy F04 is a budget smartphone that was launched in January 2023. This sleek and stylish smartphone offers a range of features to make your life easier. It features a 6.5-inch HD+ display, octa core MediaTek Helio P35 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB/64GB of internal storage, which can be expanded using a microSD card. Samsung Galaxy F04 also has a dual-camera setup on the back, consisting of a 13-megapixel primary sensor and a 2-megapixel depth sensor, as well as a 5-megapixel front-facing camera for selfies. Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy F04 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya...
OTG Vs Microwave Oven

OTG vs Microwave Oven- How To Choose Right One? (Explained)

Are you going to upgrade your kitchen with a new oven? Unable to decide between an OTG vs a Microwave Oven? In this guide, you'll get complete information. I'll explain the differences between an Oven Toaster Grill (OTG) and Microwave Oven. Several people consider cooking to be more than an art form. They believe it is a craft that needs to be carefully mastered over time. In this case, it is fair to say that the tools and appliances used for creating delicious food can be likened to a writer's pen or an artist's paintbrush. Veteran chefs and food critics know that...
Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro Specs, Price, and Best Deals

The Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi has launched its latest Redmi Note series, including the Redmi Note 12, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro, and Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus. Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro as the middle man comes with notable changes in terms of design, hardware, software and camera setup. It also has a nice display with an all-day battery backup to keep you away from the charger. Where to Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro Key Specs and...
OPPO to debut 5G Mid-range Reno 8T Series in Nigeria

One Step Forward in Innovation: OPPO to debut 5G Mid-range Reno...

World’s fourth largest mobile phone brand, OPPO has announced plans to unveil its latest mid-range smartphone series, the Reno 8T, in Nigeria come March 15, 2023. The announcement was made in a post on the brand’s Instagram page. Following successful international launches in India, Philippines and Kenya, Nigeria is set to join the growing list of markets shipping the Reno 8T series to customers. Launching in 2 models – the Reno 8T 5G and the standard Reno 8T (4G), massive upgrades have been made in key areas of the new smartphones especially in photography, design and Charging. The Reno 8T...
Redmi Note 12

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Specs, Price, and Best Deals

The Redmi Note 12 is the latest addition to the Redmi Note series of smartphones from Xiaomi. It is a mid-range device that offers a great combination of features and performance at an affordable price. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 is powered by a Qualcomm SM4375 Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 processor and comes with a 6.67-inch FHD+ display. It also features a 48MP Triple rear camera, one 13MP front camera, a 5,000mAh battery, and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. Where to Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See...
VIN Check

Best 5 Ways to Get a Free VIN Check Before Buying...

There are many free VIN check platforms, but not all provide the same level of detail and accuracy.  Free VIN Check is a platform you can rely on to get valuable information about a car before making a purchase. From a comprehensive report to a user-friendly interface, this platform offers everything you need to make an informed decision. Whether you're buying a used car from a dealership or a private seller, Free VIN check will give you peace of mind and help you avoid any potential car ownership problems.   This article has also rounded up other best free VIN check platforms...
Nokia G22

Nokia G22 Specs, Price, and Best Deals

Nokia G22 delivers on durability, quality built and long-lasting battery life. Nokia has always been known for producing high-quality, durable smartphones. The Nokia G22, released in 2023, is no exception. This budget-friendly smartphone offers impressive features that make it a great option for anyone looking for a reliable device without breaking the bank. Where to Buy Nokia G22 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers Nokia G22 Key Specs and Features 6.5 inches IPS LCD Display, 720 x 1600 pixels (~270 ppi density), ~81.1% screen-to-body ratio Android 12 Unisoc T606 (12 nm)...
Redmi 10C

Xiaomi Redmi 10C Specs, Price, and Best Deals

Xiaomi Redmi 10C is the latest addition to the Redmi series of smartphones from Xiaomi. This budget-friendly device offers a great combination of features and performance at an affordable price. It is a bit more premium compared to the Redmi 10A. As an upgrade of the year 2020 Xiaomi Redmi 9C, it comes with upgraded features such as a 6.71-inch HD+ display with a resolution of 720 x 1650 pixels. The Redmi 10C is powered by a Qualcomm SM6225 Snapdragon 680 4G octa-core processor, paired with up to 4GB of RAM and up to 128GB of internal storage. On the...
Best Infinix Phones - Infinix Zero 5 Pro

Infinix Phones Prices, Specs, Shops, and Best Deals

Infinix is the most popular mobile brand in Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana. It is also an emerging brand in India. Infinix phones offer great specs at affordable prices. Since the launch of the Infinix Zero in 2014, Infinix phones have progressively offered more stylish designs. And now there is an Infinix Zero X Pro, an Infinix Note 12 VIP, an Infinix Smart 6 and an Infinix Hot 20. Infinix has also launched a couple of 5G phones including Infinix Zero 5G 2023 and Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G. Where to Buy Infinix Phones Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya...
Redmi 10A

Xiaomi Redmi 10A Specs, Price, and Best Deals

Xiaomi Redmi 10A was launched in March 2022 as a successor to the Redmi 9A. It promises to offer good value for its price point. Xiaomi has been a well-known player in the budget smartphone market, and its Redmi series has been a popular choice for those looking for affordable devices. The affordable android phone comes with 6.53-inch IPS LCD touchscreen display offering a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels (HD+) and an aspect ratio of 20:9. The Redmi 10A is powered by an octa-core MediaTek Helio G25 processor. It comes with 3GB, 4GB of RAM, runs Android and is...
OWealth - Savings and Investment Plan by OPay

OWealth – Savings and Investment Plan by OPay

OWealth is a Savings and investment platform built into the OPay App that enable you save part or all of your OPay fund to get an annual interest paid daily. The annual interest is fixed at 15% which is attractive compared to the 6% which is the highest any Nigerian bank can offer. OWealth investment avenue allows investors to save any amount of money. You can go the full year or more or you can withdraw your money at any time. Investors will find this article very useful as we break down into details all you need to know about...

Nokia PC Suite for Nokia Phones to PC connection

Nokia PC Suite is a software from Nokia that allows Nokia phones or devices to connect with a computer running the Microsoft Windows OS. The Latest version is version 7.1. Nokia PC Suite 7.1 will be replaced by the latest PC Suite from Nokia called the Nokia Suite (formerly called Nokia Ovi), because of its ability to interface Nokia mobile phones to other computer platforms, not just the PC. If you own a Nokia phone, then you should seriously consider downloading the Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Ovi Suite for your device. The mobile phone can be connected to...
Home Theater

LG HT904TA Home Theatre System with Four Tallboy Speakers

LG HT904TA home theatre system features 5.1 surround sound, full HD up-scaling, Virtual Sound Matrix (VSM), Dolby Digital Pro-Logic II, iPod connectivity, 1000W total power capacity, etc. LG HT904TA is one generation behind the LG HT964TZ home theatre system. Where to Buy Home Theatres from ₦25,295.00 Buy Now LG HT904TA has six speaker sets, consisting of four tallboy speakers, which will normally be mounted at the four corners of the sitting room, two for the front side and the other two for the rear side of the room. Each of the tallboy speakers delivers 155W. LG HT904TA also features a 225W...
LG Home Theater

LG HT964TZ Home Theatre System with Champaign Tallboy Speakers

LG HT964TZ is a home theatre system that will take your home entertainment to whole new level. LG HT964TZ home theatre system , also called the LG Scarlet home theatre system features 10.1 surround sound, full HD up-scaling, iPod connectivity, USB host, 1000W total power capacity, etc. Where to Buy Home Theatres from ₦25,295.00 Buy Now   LG HT964TZ has six speaker sets, consisting of four Champaign glass-shaped tallboy speakers, which will normally be mounted at the four corners of the sitting room, two for the front side and the other two for the rear. Each of the tallboy speakers delivers 155W....

Microsoft Office 2010 and Web Apps Coming Soon

Microsoft Office 2010, the latest version of the Microsoft Office software suite will be available by June 30, 2010. Microsoft Office 2010 boasts of some new features to improve your productivity and increase collaboration on the web. Microsoft will also be making some bold steps towards cloud computing with the launch of free web based Office software suite called Office web app, which will provide online free versions of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Microsoft Office 2010 will replace Office 2007. Microsoft is currently running a promotion, if you buy and activate a qualifying Microsoft Office 2007 product...

Buy Hot Video PC and Computer Games for PS3 XBox Wii

2010 promises lots of exciting PC and video games titles. The God of War 3 an exclusive single player action game title on Sony PS3 promises advanced graphics and an exciting gaming experience. Amazon is a great source for PC, Computer, and Video games. You can buy latest PC and Video games titles at Amazon. In this page you will find some of the most hottest video games for PC/Mac, Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and so on. Where to Buy Games in Nigeria from ₦1,500.00 Buy Now   Find great deals on PC and Video games....

ICAN Exams Registration May 2016 Diet Syllabus Result Accountants

If you are an Accountant or accounting graduate and plan seating for ICAN professional exam for May 2016 Diet, you should commence registration. Online registration has started for ICAN examinations May 2016 diet. ICAN online registration ends on May 6, 2016, while ICAN examination will take place from May 17 to May 19, 2016 at centres in Nigeria and London. ICAN is the leading professional accounting body in Nigeria, the only one recognised by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). Your path to becoming a Chartered Accountant in Nigeria starts by registering for ICAN, so start your ICAN Exams...

LG Mobile Phones Dealers Shops Stores Smartphones

LG Electronics is leading brand of consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications. LG used to be known for home electronics and home appliances, but today LG mobile phones are increasingly gaining market acceptance. LG mobile phones usually strike the right balance between functionality and price. With lots of fake and sub-standard phones in the Nigerian market, it is a good idea to buy your LG mobile phones and accessories from accredited LG mobile phone dealers. This is the only way you will guarantee that you buy genuine LG mobile phones. We have provided contacts of some LG dealers...
Sony Camera

Sony CyberShot Digital Camera Prices Dealers in Nigeria

Looking for a digital camera to capture those memorable occasions? The Sony Cybershot cameras are equal to the task. Cybershot is a line of point-n-shoot digital cameras from Sony. Sony Cybershot come in a number of series: S Series, W Series, H Series and so on. In this page we have provided prices of some Sony Cybershot camera models as well as some stores and shops where you can buy them in Nigeria. All Sony Cybershot digital cameras bought from authorised dealers come with Sony Warranty. Where to Buy Sony Cameras Online from ₦20,995.00 Buy Now All Sony Cybershot cameras listed...