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Online Shopping - Online Stores

How to Use Online Coupons to Save Money

No one can deny it: Although technology has had some negative effects on people’s lives, it has made life whole lot easier. Gone are the days when you could stand on ques for hours to pay bills when we could rely on fewer resources of communication just to mention...
Has the Smartphone Changed How we Buy our Products

Has the Smartphone Changed How we Buy our Products? (Infographic)

For years, the world of commerce has been changing. From the development of supermarkets and similarly sized stores to those who make all of their purchases online, the smartphone has changed how we buy all of our products forever. Today, thanks to the information provided by signal-boosters.co.uk, we know...
Safe Online Shopping

Can you Trust Online Service Providers from Outside of the Country

As the holiday season approaches, many Nigerians will be scouring local shopping sites for the best deals. With improved customer service, you can order food online and have it delivered within an hour. 1000 Naira is enough to buy a few items on any of the top biggest websites. But...
Buying a Phone on Facebook

Useful Tips for Buying a Phone on Facebook

If you don’t have enough money to buy a brand new phone you may be looking for alternative phone vendors. One of the places where you can get a phone that is in relatively good condition is on Facebook. Facebook has largely been used for socializing but it is slowly...
a mobile phone loan online easily

How to get a Mobile Phone Loan Online easily?

With the booming rise and growth in the world of technology and the internet, people are opting for easier modes of payment for everything they buy – either online or even offline. All that aside, mobile phones have become a very important part of our day to day lives, from...
PropLand Hub

PropLand Hub: New Mobile App for all Real Estate Services in Nigeria

PropLand Hub is an innovative web-based mobile application that facilitates all real estate deals and services. It allows property seekers to browse through all types of listings by property owners for sales/purchase, rent or lease. Actually, it does even more, and it is free to download! Released on May 18,...
Wedding Dress

How to Buy Wedding Dresses Online

In the modern world, the internet has made life easier. Most of people across the world use the internet to search for products or purchase clothes, products, and other items. Shopping for trendy clothes online is convenient. You can purchase clothes online from the comfort of your home from...
Used Car London

Where to Buy a Used Car in London UK

Buying a car can be stressful, and if you are in the market hunting for a used car, the stress can become twofold. Apart from deciding the car model and the brand that you wish to purchase, you also have to dig deep into the mileage on the vehicle...
a Car Lot of Cars for Sale in Nigeria

How to Find the Right Car in an Ocean of Cars for Sale in Nigeria

A short guide to finding the best match for you in too many offers of cars for sale in Nigeria. Buying a car is an exciting experience in itself, but finding a good car in an ocean of cars for sale in Nigeria is not a pushover at all. If...
Rose Sparklers - Order Flowers Online

Useful Tips for Ordering Flowers through Online Florists

This month florists across the world have sent out thousands of bouquets filled with roses and carnation and orchids and lilies for honoring a special day for their Mums’... Mother’s day. It has slowly overtaken Valentine’s Day in terms of volumes of flowers in newer markets around the world. Yet,...

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