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The Application of Cloud Technology in Translation Services

The Application of Cloud Technology in Translation Services

Is your company overwhelmed by its translation assignments? Maybe of late things seem like they are bursting the seams; almost always you have too much work to accomplish immediately. What makes the matter worse is that you are constantly under pressure to meet customer expectations. As if that is not...
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Top Tech Trends

Make the most of the New Year by picking up one of these Top 10 Tech Trends

The word “Technology” brings about a notion of change and it is for the right reasons! Technology is primarily change. We have heard about the phrase “change is the only constant”, it is particularly true when we talk about technology. It is no secret that the technology we were using...
Top 3 Managed AWS Services

Top 3 Managed AWS Services in 2018

There are very few firms that provide actual cloud computing services, AWS by Amazon is one of them. However there are hundreds of resellers selling cloud computing services in the market. In this article, we will take you through a brief introduction on AWS services, and offer top 3 best...
How Data Centers Impact Cloud Hosted

How Data Centers Impact Cloud Hosted Websites

In the last few years, Cloud Hosting has brought about a major change in the way site owners perceive web hosting services for their websites. With benefits including instant resource scalability, higher page load speeds, and an improvement in the overall performance of your website, moving your website to Cloud...
Cloud Storage - Cloud Computing

Should I Transition to Private Cloud Computing

More and more businesses are migrating from the legacy system to the cloud technology. Even in the cloud technology, their choice is private cloud technology over public cloud. Reason being, private cloud is dedicated to the needs and goals of their organization. It delivers similar advantages to the public...
EEDC Enugu - Startup helps fight electricity theft in Nigeria

Startup helps Fight Electricity Theft in Nigeria

The main consequence of electricity theft are widespread power outages. Also, electric utility companies across Nigeria struggle with illegal connections to the power grid that generate huge losses and are a hazard for locals. GIS Cloud a startup from Europe is joining the fight to help mitigate this problem. The...
Best Cloud Hosting

Best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2019

While shared Hosting has been the traditional method through which many websites and business owners host, store files, and maintain their platforms on the internet, Cloud hosting is giving it a very tough fight with flexibility and scalability. And no, it does not involve hosting your websites in the...
Cost Effective Storage Technology for Enterprises

Cost Effective Storage Technology for Enterprises

Data growth has made the acquisition of efficient data storage solutions necessary for every enterprise. Entrepreneurs realized this necessity early on and this resulted in the vast amount of storage options available in the market today. There are several storage solutions available but which is best for an enterprise depends...
Google Drive for Business

Google Drive for Business – An Overview

In terms of cloud storage offerings for consumers, the search engine giant’s Google Drive offers one of the most generous free space at 15 GB. This is one of the factors that entices users to the service. But, Google also provides cloud storage services to businesses called Google Drive...
Google Drive

Google Drive Cloud Storage – An Overview

The search engine giant Google, of course, won’t get left behind with any technology-related trends. So, to tap the opportunities in cloud storage, the company launched its cloud storage service called Google Drive in 2012. Google Drive leverages Google's millions of Gmail with unparalleled integration. Users’ Google Drive login is...

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