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Is Arduino a single board computer

Is Arduino a Single Board Computer?

Arduino is an excellent tool for people of all skill levels, essentially those with a knowledge of fundamental electronics. Its software and hardware are designed keeping in mind beginners, hobbyists, and designers. So it’s ideal for anyone who has the desire to create interactive objects. This can include developing a basic robot or a system for accomplishing repetitive tasks such as opening a garage door or switching the lights on and off. Arduino can easily incorporate components such as sensors, LEDs, buttons, cameras, speakers, motors, etc. for these tasks. For this reason, Arduino is favored by many. Not only does it possess...
DLL Files Computer

How to bring back DLL Files on your Computer

You may sometimes have faced difficulties which prevents you from accessing DLL Files from your Computer system. These are the usual errors which all of us surely don’t want to face. Most of Windows users face this DLL error which is related to your DLL file which usually affects the files having .DLL file extension. Now, the question is that what exactly is DLL. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Libraries. These are the external part of the applications which usually run on the Windows operating systems. The DLL error arises when  one or more  DLL files are deleted, moved, or...

iBall Splendo Stick Specs & Price

Just like hybrids, PC-on-a-stick appears to be all the rage at the moment. The Splendo is another mini PC offering, the result of collaboration between Indian tech company iBall and Microsoft. It enables you convert a compatible TV or monitor into a full-featured Windows desktop PC. Description and SpecificationsThe iBall Splendo is just about as compact and portable as other PC-on-a-stick devices we have already seen, including the Intel Compute Stick and Lenovo IdealCentre 300 Stick. It rocks a fan-less design -- very likely a testament of the power efficiency of the processor used. Talking about processor, the tiny computer is...

Lenovo IdeaCentre Stick 300 PC-on-a-Stick Specs & Price

Lenovo has announced its presence in the PC on a Stick market with the IdeaCentre Stick 300, a full Windows computer residing on a stick. The leading Chinese tech company apparently has its sight on competing with Intel's Compute Stick with this flash drive-like device, which comes at a cheaper price. The PC-on-a-stick is targeted at those people who are almost always on the road. Description and Specifications The Lenovo IdeaCentre Stick 300 is a very compact device measuring just 15 millimetres in terms of thickness. You will hardly feel it in your pocket, even though it contains way more than its...

Intel Compute Stick – PC on a Stick Price & Specs

The Intel Compute Stick is a Windows computer, but not like the conventional ones you have become used to. It is a computer on a stick - just as its name indicates - and connects to your TV or monitor via an HDMI port. The Intel Compute Stick, arguably the world's tiniest full Windows 8 PC, is manufactured with those operating on a tight budget and need easy access to computing on the move. Just plug it into a TV or Monitor with HDMI port and feed it power via the microUSB port and you are ready to go. The Design The...