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PCB - Printed Circuit Board

Difference Between Rigid PCB and Flexible PCB

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. It is a thin fiberglass board made to guide the movement of electrical current through laminated copper sheets. It is used in almost all types of communication devices like laptops, mobile phones and even radios. Sometimes the copper lamination is done on one side while in other cases it is done on both sides. There is also a multiple layered PCB as well. The PCB market is a multibillion dollar market which is expected to increase to around $80 billion dollars in 2024. There are two major types of PCB in the market. Rigid PCB Flexible...
Three Things I Learned From Creating My PCB Designs Manually

3 Things I Learned From Creating My PCB Designs Manually

I recently decided that I was going to try my hands on PCB (printed circuit board), and it was a worthwhile experience. For the less techy friends, a Printed Circuit Board is made from reinforced phenolic resin that has been bonded with copper foil. The printed circuits themselves are made from copper, which is plated on the surface of the board to give it a cool pattern. You’d find this in virtually all electronic gadgets, either industrial or domestic. It gives mechanical support to the electrical connections on it. To use the PCB for your idea, you’d need a good...