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Lithium Batteries

Lithium Power Battery Gradually Comes into Robotics

Lithium batteries are an excellent option to face the problem of fluctuations in solar radiation and wind, which is the main challenge for solar and wind energy as reliable energy sources. Lithium Power Battery are used for storing electricity generated by renewable sources. Lithium Power Battery has become the preferred source of energy for most portable devices. From your laptop to your mobile phone, it is likely that there is a thin lithium battery inside providing the necessary power for your device to work. Lithium batteries are chosen for various reasons, but they are not without limitations. In this article, we...
Articulated Robot

Contribution of Articulated Robots to the Manufacturing Industry

The use of industrial robot applications has grown drastically, and with it came development of these robots into more specialized tasks. The need to have different types of robots to perform different tasks brought about the creation of articulated robots. Articulated robots are basically robots with a number of joints which enable it to maneuver around an object which is being manufactured. It is possible for an articulated robot to have limbs such as arms and legs, but it is also possible to have a robotic arm or robotic leg to be either articulated or non-articulated. A palletizing robot which...