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Safesound Personal Alarm

Use of Safesound Personal Alarm, One of the Ways to Deal with Crime

Safesound personal alarm can be the answer to face a dangerous neighborhood. Unlucky us, we may not have any choices but face the dangers. Facing any dangers, which come without permission, isn’t easy. However, we can always do something about it. What we should do to Stay Safe Wherever you are,...
Real-time Tracking

GPS Car Tracking & Security in Nigeria with Henrittrack

HenritTrack is a Vehicle Security Solutions provider that combines GPS tracking and GSM/GPRS communications to offer integrated asset and car tracking, monitoring, and recovery services. Henrit Tracking also offers fleet management solutions and home/office security solutions like Biometrics security solutions, CCTV camera, and smoke detectors. HenritTrack installs a GPS tracking...

How to Secure Personal Information from Hackers

In recent years, Internet security protocols have been ramped up to counter rapidly evolving threats. Many users are connecting to the Internet using unsecured connections. Browser-equipped smartphones and tablet computers have made Wi-Fi hotspot usage increasingly popular. As a result, hackers have more opportunities to intercept personal data. Identity theft...
Stremcom Tech Car Tracking

GPS GPRS GSM 3G/4G Car Tracking from Stremcom Tech

Car Tracking Systems enable you secure and monitor your car, fleet, and vital assets by providing real-time location and performance information of the vehicle as well as enable you remotely control the vehicle. With a GPS Car Tracking device equipped with GSM/GPRS/3G/4G communication installed in your vehicle or vital asset,...
Internet Banking Security Token

Internet Banking Security Tips

Internet banking may be easy and convenient, but you need to be conscious of security. Anybody with your authentication details can access your bank account. That is why your Internet banking details is a major target in identity theft schemes. So, the key to Internet banking security is protecting...

Internet Scam email Yahoo Mail tips beware 419 scam emails

Have you just received an email congratulating you for winning a lottery or urging you to update your ATM or banking detail? Be careful it is an internet 419/phishing scam e-mail. Free online e-mail services like Yahoomail, Gmail, and Hotmail have been working to protect us from scam emails,...

Free cheap antivirus Buy or Downloads avoid fake anti-virus

Some antivirus software, like Avast antivirus, are free for non-commercial home use. Other antivirus software, like Kaspersky anti-virus and ZoneAlarm antivirus offer cheap and affordable editions for home or home-office use. These cheap or free antivirus versions offer basic security, which may be adequate for some people. If you...

Kaspersky Antivirus 2016 Internet and Mobile Security for PC Phones Mac

Kaspersky is a leading name in security software for your computer and mobile phones. Current security software from Kaspersky includes Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013, Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, Kaspersky Mobile Security 2013, Kaspersky Pure 2.0,and Kaspersky One. These software protects your computer and mobile phone from malware attacks. Here, you will...

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 Antivirus for Phones Android

With mobile phones getting smarter, and now used in applications, that where in the past limited to computers, they are now being exposed to virus threats that before now were limited to computers. Smartphones now face the same threats as computers in addition to virus threats peculiar to mobile...

Internet Security Tips 2016 – Antivirus Firewalls Browsers

Whenever you access the internet, you are exposed to a number of security risks. Internet security is a burning topic today because of the increase in frequency of security breaches on the internet. The recent assault on companies and governments by organised hacking groups stealing valuable information of customers...