Recharging & Loading Energy Prepayment Meter

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Loading credit into your Electronic energy prepayment meter is simple. The Electronic prepayment meter provides you with a number of options. The most popular option is to load credit into your Electronic energy prepayment meter using your customer smart card provided with the meter. Another option is to load energy credit using a 12-digit pin code. Its infrared port provides a third option.


Electronic prepayment energy metering system provides energy consumers with a smart card. This smart card is used to purchase, load, retrieve or sell power credit. Before you can use your smart card, you must first take it to the power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) for configuration. Once configured, your smartcard or recharge card can be used to recharge your Electronic energy prepayment unit.

Loading credit into your Electronic energy prepayment unit is simple. First, take your energy smartcard to power company (PHCN) or her agent and pay for the required credit you want to buy. Purchased energy credit and control information are loaded into your smart card with a power vending machine.

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When you get home, open the card door of your monitor unit. Insert smart card in the proper direction indicated on card. The monitor unit’s LCD screen displays “——-“. This symbol informs you that your meter and card are communicating (credit loading is incomplete). The updated credit level of your meter will be displayed on the LCD once credit loading is complete. Do not remove your smart card while loading is incomplete. This can damage your smartcard, meter, or both.


You can also load credit into your Electronic energy prepayment meter using PIN codes. Loading credit using this option involves paying for credit at the Power Company (PHCN) office, bank or any authorized sales outlet in Nigeria.

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The PIN code may be available in scratch cards or may be sent to you via SMS. You may even buy electronically. Once you have your PIN code, the next step is to load it into your Electronic energy prepayment unit.

Open the card door of your monitor unit and insert your meter smart card. Enter the PIN code using the keypad on your monitor unit. After entering PIN code hit enter button. You can edit the PIN code if you make any mistakes using the delete and navigation keys.

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At the point of this write up it is unclear how the Electronic energy prepayment meter will be recharged using the infrared port. This recharge option is currently redundant in Nigeria.

However, we believe it will involve going to the power company (PHCN) and purchasing energy credit. The energy credit will be loaded into an Infrared enabled device like a mobile phone. You will then transfer the purchased credit from your mobile phone to your metering unit.

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