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Find Power Supply Solutions for your Home and Office. We also discuss power supply solutions for industrial applications. Find Specs, shopping guides, Prices, and Best Deals on Generators, Inverters, Solar Solutions, and Power Banks.

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Solar Panels

RV Solar Panels – Are They Really Worth the Cost?

If you’re an RV fanatic or are looking to become one, you’ve probably wondered if solar panels are worth their high cost.  Solar panels are mounted on the top of the RV. Any time sunlight hits them, they generate an electric current. They offer a reliable source of electricity that...
Best Small and Portable Generators

Benefits of having a Residential Backup Generator

The uncertainty of power outage is almost one of the few inevitable things you should add on to on your list of “absolute constants in Nigeria”. It’s no joke NEPA as we choose to call it over the official PHCN is a force to be reckoned with. A force that...
LiFePo4 Battery

How Important is LiFePo4 Battery in Medicine

Lithium batteries come in various sizes and they are mainly used in the medical field in bio engineering devices. The battery uses anode, as well as a cathode, and an electrolyte for the conductor. At times, these devices are also implanted within the human body to monitor and check the...
Best Inverter Generators

Best Inverter Generators for Home and Outdoor Use

Fuel-powered generators are great sources of alternative power supply as they are able to produce huge amounts of power during operation. But accompanying their usage is excessive noise production, maintenance intensive, heavy fuel consumption, and sometimes, unstable/fluctuating power supply. Where to Buy Inverter Generators Amazon – See Offers Inverter generators, on the...

Bhojsons Powerhub Hosts Dealers as Tobi Bakre, PencilComedian thrill guest at New ‘Amaze’ Power...

Lagos, Nigeria. January 31, 2019. It was a night of glitz and glamour as Nigeria’s emerging power solutions company - Bhojsons Powerhub, a subsidiary of the Bhojsons Group launched ‘Amaze’ Power Backup solution into the Nigerian market at an exclusive event attended by its key dealers and celebrities alike. The...
EEDC Smart Obsolete Meters

EEDC, Kaduna Electric, and New Meter Replacement: A MAP of Nonsense

In Nigeria, even the simplest things are made very cumbersome by our lack of project management skills for proper planning and seamless execution. This is the only way to make sense of the current MAP powered meter replacement exercise being conducted by the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) and...

Power Transformer Protection Devices you should know According to Transwitch

Transformers are important electrical components that require proper care and maintenance. With proper maintenance, you can be sure of performance, durability, and efficiency. Plus, you could’ve done away with unnecessary repair costs. So, how do you maintain your power transformer? Well, it starts with understanding the common power transformer devices....

What is PoE? (Power over Ethernet)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a network feature defined by the IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at standards. PoE switch is used to power networked devices with Ethernet cables via the existing data connection. PoE-compatible devices can be used as Power SOURCES (PSE = Power Sourcing Equipment), Powered Devices (PD = Powered...
BuyPower - Pay Electricity Bills Online

You can now Borrow to Pay for Electricity Bill on BuyPower.ng

Utility payment platform and app, BuyPower.ng has launched a new payment feature which allows users to borrow money to pay their electricity bills online (via the BuyPower.ng website ) or through their mobile app ( Google Play store or App store ). The new ‘pay with a kwikmoney loan’...
Warning Signs for Immediate Electrical Service in your House

Warning Signs for Immediate Electrical Service in your House

Do lights in your home “go off" for no evident reason? Do you every now and again blow circuit breakers, causing the electric power in a specific piece of your home to close down? Do outlets or switches in your home kick the bucket with no conspicuous reason? These are...