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Zain is currently deploying unmanned fixed payphones in Nigeria. This fixed payphones will provide affordable 24/7 telecommunication services nationwide. For now, Zain has deployed hundreds of these payphones. Zain will deploy more fixed payphones in urban and rural areas in future.

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Surprisingly in the year 2008, unmanned payphone is an innovation in Nigeria. However, as the saying goes better be late than never. Currently unmanned payphones are inexistent, rather most payphone are manned.

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Manned payphones (commercial telephone operators, CTOs) are all over the place. In our cities, towns and village we see CTOs seating under their umbrellas waiting for customers.

However, manned payphones are not ideal for a number of reasons. Firstly, manned payphones are bound to be more expensive than unmanned payphones. Secondly, CTOs cannot operate round the clock, denying telecoms services consumers access to such services at night, during strikes, Sundays, or bad weather.

In addition, CTOs constitute public nuisance, the way these CTO umbrellas are spread all over the place deface the environment. They are better replaced by unmanned payphones, which does not occupy as much space as CTO umbrellas.

It should also be stated here that the job of a CTO is dehumanizing. Repetitive tasks are better handle by a computer/robotic system, not human beings. There is no reason why thousands of young people (full of life) are busy doing things that are better handled by computers.

The future is here thanks to Zain. If you are a CTO operator, you should be seriously considering your retirement plan or better still other investment options.

According to Zain, all that is required to use these unmanned payphones is a Zain SIM card. Insert Zain SIM and you are ready to make call.

An unmanned payphone will be:

    • Cheap


    • Available 24 hours


    • Environment friendly


    • Restore the dignity of man


This is why this move by Zain is commendable. Zain promised us a wonderful world, that world is now taking shape. Thumbs up Zain.

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