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Blackberry Nigeria BIS BES BBM Service BB Phones Prices Cost

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BlackBerry phones are smartphones that offer secure wireless connections anywhere any time. Designed by BlackBerry Inc (formally Research In Motion RIM Canada Inc), BlackBerry was originally reputable for accessing emails and instant messaging while on the move, but has since become a reliable and secure integrated wireless communications platform. Telecommunications networks in Nigeria like MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel, and Visafone currently carry BlackBerry phones on their networks.

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Today in Nigeria, network operators offer four popular BlackBerry communications solutions. Before now, it was just two, the BlackBerry Internet Solution (BIS), which is designed for single individuals who want to access internet tools like email, instant messaging, social media, and the web while on the move. The other is BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES), which allows mobile workers to access enterprise information while on the move keeping them well informed at any time.

However, due to the call for cheaper BlackBerry services, network operators and RIM have introduced new BlackBerry communications services. One is BlackBerry Complete which is a stripped-down BIS and BlackBerry Social, which is targeted at users who just want to use their BB phones for accessing social networking services.

BlackBerry phones are proprietary, designed by Research In Motion RIM Canada Inc, and carried by only telecoms networks with license to do so. A number of telecommunications companies in Nigeria support BlackBerry smartphones like Glo mobile, Airtel, Etisalat, and MTN on GSM and Visafone on CDMA.

Genuine unlocked Blackberry phones are available from leading mobile phones retail stores in Nigeria. It is always a good idea to buy BB phones directly from network operators or their approved shops.

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BlackBerry Internet Service BIS

BlackBerry Internet Solutions are designed for single individuals who need access to internet, apps, social media, instant messaging, and email while on the move. Small firms that do not have corporate email infrastructure, but use ISP emails can also use BlackBerry internet Service. BIS can be used by freelancers to keep in touch with email accounts and clients while on the move.

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Once an email is sent to your normal email address, it is pushed to your BlackBerry phone so that you can access it from anywhere without any need for a computer. BlackBerry enables you stay in contact with your clients in Nigeria and around the world. With BIS, you can access up to 10 personal and corporate email accounts from your BB device.

BIS also supports POP3 email accounts. With your BlackBerry device you can compose, send, receive, and read your e-mails (from up to 10 different email accounts) while on the move. You will also be able to read and view email attachments in formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat. BlackBerry also supports Instant Messaging like MSN, Google Talk, BlackBerry Messenger.

BlackBerry smart phones also access normal phone services like calls, SMS, and MMS, hence you do not need to carry another phone, your BlackBerry can do it all. Like most modern mobile phones, BlackBerry comes with organiser tools like calendar, memo, and so on. Some BlackBerry phones come with full QWERTY keyboard.

Perhaps the most popular feature on BB phones is the BlackBerry Messenger, BBM, which is a built-in social networking & instant messaging app that enable user easy and fast communication. The Pinging feature of the BBM enables users get the attention of other BBM users who have shared their BB PIN with them. Latest BBM messaging app now offer video chat.

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Internet access is part of the DNA of BlackBerry. BB phones can be used to access wireless internet enabling you to access full HTML pages using its built-in web browser. BlackBerry devices can also double as wireless modems enabling you access internet services with your Laptop or desktop using your BlackBerry device as a wireless modem. BlackBerry devices are smart phones and hence may come with features found in business connectivity phones like Wi-Fi, MMS, camera, media player, maps, GPS, and so on. You can also download apps for your BlackBerry device for fun, games and productivity. Cost of accessing BIS in Nigeria is around N1,500.

BlackBerry Complete

BlackBerry Complete is a stripped down BIS. It offers almost everything on BIS but in moderation. BB Complete is a cheap BlackBerry solution, hence you should expect some tradeoffs. For example, while BIS generally offers unlimited internet browsing, BB Complete may offer limited browsing.

In addition, BlackBerry Complete supports only one internet based email, while BIS supports up to 10. So, if you need to access more than one internet based email on your BB phone, then BlackBerry Complete is not for you. BBM, Facebook, and Twitter are all supported. BB Complete costs around N1,000 in Nigeria.

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BlackBerry Social

BlackBerry Social is targeted at users who are more interested in Social networking and instant messaging. It features access to Facebook, Twitter, and BBM. No support for internet based email, except the built-in BlackBerry email. Its price in Nigeria is around N1,000.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service BES

BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) is BIS and more. The more, being that BES allows secure enterprise communications between mobile workers and corporate IT infrastructure. BlackBerry Enterprise Solution allows mobile workers like marketers, field officers, sales people and top executives to have secure and reliable access to information required for their effectiveness. BlackBerry Enterprise Service is best for businesses with corporate email infrastructure.

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is used by companies to extend the reach of their network infrastructure. Mobile workers can access emails, enterprise applications, enterprise data, and office applications from anywhere just as if they were in the office. Organisations that desire to use BES will require a BlackBerry Enterprise Server for secure communication between mobile BlackBerry phones and company’s network infrastructure.

With BlackBerry, employees can keep in touch with the office keeping them up to date with latest information that will enable fast decision making.

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is a back-end system installed behind your corporate firewall, offering end-to-end encryption, which ensures corporate data security.
Discover BlackBerry plans, prices, & codes for accessing them.

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Glo mobile BlackBerry

Glo mobile was the first GSM operator to introduce BlackBerry in Nigeria. Globacom currently offer BlackBerry Internet Solution for individuals and BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for organisations. BlackBerry from Glo is available to prepaid and post-paid customers. Glo offers a number of BlackBerry devices.

Like with its internet bundles, Glo mobile offers the most cost effective data plans for BlackBerry prepaid subscribers. BIS Monthly offer 30 days BlackBerry Internet data access at N2,800. BIS Weekly offers 7 days internet data access at N900, you can get 24 hrs internet access via BIS Daily at a cost of N250. Glo BES goes for N4,200, N1,400, and N300, for monthly, weekly, and daily BlackBerry access respectively.

To activate BIS Monthly, BIS Weekly, or BIS Daily on your prepaid BlackBerry phone SMS bismonth, bisweek, bisday respectively to 777. To activate BES Monthly, BES Weekly, or BES Daily on your prepaid BlackBerry phone SMS besmonth, besweek, besday respectively to 777. Make sure you have enough credit on your phone to pay for the applicable data plan.

Discover Glo BlackBerry Plans, prices, and codes.

For more information on BlackBerry from Glo mobile, visit Globacom website at www.gloworld.com. You can also visit a Glo world near you.

MTN BlackBerry

MTN was the first GSM operator to make BlackBerry available to both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers in Nigeria. By making BlackBerry available to prepaid customers, MTN empowered ordinary people to own BlackBerry phones. Now small time free-lancers and businesses can keep in touch with clients using their MTN BlackBerry devices.

Here are BlackBerry prepaid plans for MTN Nigeria:

  • MTN BIS Weekly – N1,000 send bbweek to 21600 to activate
  • MTN BIS Monthly – N3,000 send BIS to 21600 to activate
  • MTN BIS Quarterly – N8,000 send BBQ to 21600 to activate

Discover MTN BlackBerry Plans, prices, & codes. Visit MTN Blackberry page.

BlackBerry from Airtel mobile

Airtel BlackBerry is available to both prepaid and post-paid subscribers.

Here are BlackBerry prepaid plans for Airtel Nigeria:

  • Airtel BIS Daily – N200 send BISDAY to 440 to activate
  • Airtel BIS Weekly – N1,000 send BISWEEK to 440 to activate
  • Airtel BIS Monthly – N3,000 send BISMONTH to 440 to activate
  • More Airtel BlackBerry Plans, Prices, & Codes

For more information on BlackBerry from Airtel and these BlackBerry devices, visit Airtel website at ng.airtel.com.

Etisalat BlackBerry

Etisalat Nigeria offers BIS and BES services. The cost of Etisalat BlackBerry services is affordable. BIS Monthly offer 30 days BlackBerry Internet data access at N3,000. BIS Weekly offers 7 days internet data access at N1,000, you can get 24 hrs internet access via BIS Daily at a cost of N250.

To activate BIS Monthly, BIS Weekly, or BIS Daily on your prepaid BlackBerry phones dial *399*1#, *399*6#, *399*5# respectively. Make sure you have enough credit on your phone to pay for the applicable data plan.

For more information on BlackBerry from Etisalat, visit Etisalat website at www.etisalat.com.ng. You can also visit a Etisalat Experience centre near you.

Visafone, a CDMA network in Nigeria also offer BB devices. Checkout Visafone BlackBerry.

Buying BB from network vs phone store

As far as price is concerned there is no real benefit from buying your BB phones directly from the network operator. Unlike in other countries (especially in the West), where subscribers get subsidies or easy payment contracts when they by BB and other smartphones from operators, Nigerian networks offer no form of subsidy or easy payment options. In fact, you may even end-up paying more albeit disguised as one month free subscription.

The only real advantages of buying your BlackBerry devices from the carrier is for technical support and to guarantee the integrity of the BlackBerry device. The downside is that the phone could be locked to the network requiring you to unlock it before you can use your BlackBerry device on another network different from the one you bought it from.

To buy a BB phone not locked to any network buy from a retail store, but not just any retail store so as not to buy a fake BlackBerry phone. Buy from a store with a good reputation in dealing on mobile phones like an authorised Nokia or Samsung phones dealers.

Prices of some BB Phones, Tablets and Devices

Here are some BlackBerry prices in Nigeria. This are only price ideas. Actual prices may vary depending on the retail store, your location, and colour. However, if the price is too good to be true, you may be buying a fake BB phone/device.

  • BlackBerry Z3 – from N36,000
  • BlackBerry Z30 – from N63,000
  • BB Bold 9900 (Bold 5) – from N56,000
  • BB Q5 – from N30,000
  • BB Z10 (Curve 5) – from 37,000 Naira
  • BB Q10 – from 46,000 Naira
  • BB Curve 9320 – N16,000
  • BB Porsche Design P’9981 – from N290,000
  • BB Bold 9220 – from N27,000
  • BB Torch 9800 – N54,000 / 63,000 / N64,000 (Black/White/Red)
  • BB Curve 8520 (Gemini) – from N25,000
  • BB Curve 9300 – from N34,000
  • BB Playbook Tablet 16GB – N45,000
  • BB Playbook Tablet 32GB – N50,000
  • BlackBerry Playbook Tablet 64GB – N60,000
  • BB Bold 9700 – from N56,000
  • BB Bold 9000 – N40,000
  • BB Storm 9520 (BlackBerry Storm 2) – N40,000
  • BB Curve 8900 – N50,000

Used BlackBerry Phones Prices

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