Airtel Internet Browsing & Data Plans Prices & Codes

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Airtel mobile internet is the internet service of Airtel (formally Zain). Airtel mobile internet offers you high-speed (3G) and moderate speed (GPRS/EDGE) internet access on your computers and mobile phones. Airtel has some of the most competitive internet browsing plans in Nigeria. Here we will be providing information on Aitel Internet services in Nigeria.

You can access Airtel internet browsing services directly on a GPRS/EDGE/3G enabled mobile phone or via and Internet modem. You can connect your desktop and laptop computer to the internet using a Bluetooth or USB enabled mobile phone. The preferred way of connecting your desktop or laptop computer to the internet is via an Airtel mobile internet USB modem or data card. EDGE/GPRS and 3G internet modems are currently available from Airtel.

Airtel internet Browsing Bundles and codes

Here are Airtel Internet Browsing Bundles, prices, and migration codes:

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  • Airtel 768 Browsing Plan (125MB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*11*768# – N768
  • Airtel Smartphone Internet Plan (1.3GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*11*7# – N3,000
  • Airtel Plus Internet Plan (3.9 GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*12*1# – N5,000
  • Airtel Max Internet Plan (6.6 GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*12*2# – N8,000
  • Airtel Premium Internet Plan (13.3 GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*12*3# – N15,000
  • Airtel Prime Internet Plan (19.9 GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*12*7# – 22,000 Naira
  • Airtel Lite Internet Plan (260MB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*11*4# – N1,000
  • Airtel Night Internet Bundle (3GB, 30 day) – *141*712*7# – N2,500
  • Airtel Weekly Internet Plan (25MB, 7 day,24/7) – *141*11*2# – N400
  • Airtel Daily Internet Plan (10MB, 24 hours) – *141*11*1# – N100
  • Airtel Weekend Internet Bundle (3GB, weekends) – *141*712*8# – N3,000
  • Airtel Day Internet Plan (150MB, 24 hours) – *141*12*1# – N500
  • Check your data balance – *141*712*0#
  • Airtel USB modem – 4,000 Naira

To check your data usage and the remaining internet data dial *141*712*0#.

Airtel Internet Lite:

This Internet browsing plan offers 30 days internet access of not more than 260MB at N1,000. This internet package is not recommended if you use more than 260MB within 30 days. You can get this Airtel mobile internet package if you intend to access internet exclusively on your mobile phone like Nokia devices or on Opera mini. However, if you intend connecting your computer to the internet via your mobile phone or internet modem, this Airtel internet bundle will not be practical, except if you have limited internet needs.

Airtel Internet Plus Browsing:

Airtel Internet Plus offers 30 days internet access of not more than 3.9 GB at 5,000 Naira. This Airtel internet browsing bundle is the recommended monthly internet package if you access internet via 3G HSDPA on your computer. It may be too much for a mobile phone except you have a highend phone and you do lots of downloads of video with it.

Airtel Internet Max:

Airtel Internet Max offers 30 days internet access of not more than 6.6 GB at 8,000 Naira. This is recommended for people you consume lots of internet data like videos.

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You must migrate to any of these internet browsing packages to benefit from price savings. If not you will be billed at the default rate of 15kobo/kilobyte, which is too expensive. To migrate to any Airtel internet browsing package simply load enough credit that would pay for the internet package you wish to migrate to and dial the appropriate migration code. Note that once your Airtel internet bundle is depleted or expired your internet browsing billing will default to 15kobo/kb.

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You can buy Airtel USB modems at Airtel shops through out Nigeria. Each Airtel internet modem bought from an Airtel shop come with a data enabled SIM with all internet settings preloaded. Airtel GPRS/EDGE/3G internet modems costs around N4,000. If there are no 3G coverage in your area, the internet modem will switch to EDGE or GPRS depending on which is available. 3G offers faster internet access than EDGE, while EDGE is faster than GPRS.

To setup your mobile phone for Airtel mobile internet, SMS Internet [space] phone make [space] phone model to 232. For example to setup Nokia 5130 XpressMusic for Airtel mobile internet SMS Internet Nokia 5130 to 232. You will receive settings via SMS, save this settings.

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