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Starcomms Nigeria is a leader in telecommunications and internet services in Nigeria. Starcomms was the first 3G EVDO/CDMA network in Nigeria to signup up to one million subscribers. Starcomms is also the first telecommunications company in Nigeria to be listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange NSE.

One area that Starcomms has done well for itself is in the provision of innovative and cost effective internet services.

Prices Starcomms Internet packages:

  • Starcomms 1XCDMA 100 bundled hour Internet Browsing – N5,000
  • Starcomms iZap 100 bundled hour Internet Browsing – N6,500
  • Starcomms 1XCDMA 250 bundled hour Internet Browsing – N10,000
  • Starcomms iZap 250 bundled hour internet browsing – N15,000
  • Starcomms iZap 24/7 Internet Browsing – N15,950
  • Starcomms iZap 24/7 Internet Browsing (Corporate plan) – N12,500
  • Starcomms Business Internet Browsing (9am – 9pm) – N7,000
  • Starcomms Internet Browsing (9pm – 9am) – N5,000
  • Starcomms Friendly8 internet browsing (7am – 11am, 7pm – 11pm) – N6,000
  • Starcomms 1XCDMA 24/7 Internet Browsing – N10,000
  • Starcomms 1XCDMA 24/7 Internet Browsing (Corporate plan) – N8,000

Starcomms offers hourly internet browsing packages as well as unlimited data bundles that empower you to browse whenever you want. The hourly Internet browsing model is similar to what obtains in cyber cafes.

Starcomms currently offer bundled hour internet browsing bundles as well as data plans, which seems to be the most popular type of internet browsing plan in Nigeria and even worldwide. Data plans offer access to the internet limited to a specified data usage. Starcomms data bundles are unlimited but are usually steep in price.

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Before Starcomms hourly internet browsing plans (bulk hours/bundled hours), there was Starcomms always on internet plan, this provided Starcomms subscribers with internet access always (24/7). However, this was too expensive and did not address the need of users that are not too heavy in their use of the Internet, as prices were considered too high for such customers.

Then came two other internet browsing plans. First Starcomms business hour plan was designed for customers who use internet during normal business hours (9am to 9pm). Although it was cheaper than the always on plan, it was not convenient for every user as it does not provide internet access round the clock.

Starcomms night browsing plan allows you to browse at night (9pm to 9am). This is similar to night internet browsing offered by cyber cafes. However, how many people will be willing to miss their sleep just to stay online at night.

Okay, you go to work and have no time to browse the internet except at night? Well, what about Public Holidays? Starcomms Night internet browsing plan is not convenient and you will discover this on holidays. You stay at home but cannot browse until at night. Starcomms hourly plan is the answer to cheap and convenient internet browsing.

Starcomms bulk internet hour package is a cost effective solution that allows a subscriber to buy a number of hours and browse the internet any time (24/7) within the validity period of their subscription. Two options are available from Starcomms. They are Starcomms 100-hour browsing and Starcomms 250 hour browsing packages.

Starcomms 100-hour bulk hour internet browsing package

Starcomms 100 hour browsing plan gives you 100 hours of internet access within a 30 days period. Just like in a cyber cafe if you do not use up your time within your 30 days validity period you lose it. Price of this plan is 5,000 Naira on Starcomms One network and 6,500 Naira on Starcomms iZap network. The difference between Starcomms One and iZap is that iZap is based on EVDO a 3G technology that is faster.

This is even cheaper than Cyber cafe rates as it adds up to 65 Naira or 50 Naira per hour. So if you can use 50 to 100 hours in a month this Starcomms internet plan is very cost effective.

Starcomms 250-hour bulk hour internet-plan

Even a more cost effective internet browsing plan is the Starcomms 250 hour internet plan. Starcomms 250 hour browsing package allows you to access internet for 250 hours over a validity period of 90 days (3 months).

Starcomms 250-hour internet package costs 10,000 Naira on Starcomms One and 15,000 Naira on Starcomms iZap. This adds up to 40 Naira/hr or 60 Naira/hr respectively. Starcomms 250-hour internet browsing package is also cost effective for subscribers who do not use the internet often.

In fact, if you spend 10 hours to 70 hours on the internet monthly, Starcomms 250 hour bulk plan is cost effective and cheaper than cyber cafe prices in Nigeria.

So what are you still waiting for? Grab a Starcomms Bundled hour internet browsing package today.

Starcomms iZap is available in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. Starcomms also also have coverage in Onitsha, Kano, Port Harcourt, Aba, Asaba, Ibadan, Kaduna, Zaria, Awka, Ijebu-Ode, Ibadan, Benin, Shagamu, Owerri, Oyo, Ogbomosho, Uyo, Abeokuta, Aba, Asaba, Maiduguri, Ilorin, Sapele, Nnewi, Umuahia, Enugu, Katsina, Rano, Katsina, Jos, and Bauchi. The difference between Starcomms One and Starcomms iZap is that iZap is much faster than CDMA ONE promising up to 2.4Mbps. Visit a Starcomms dealer, sales outlet or shop near you.

For more information on Starcomms dealers, sales outlets and shops in Nigeria, visit our Starcomms shop page.

Starcomms offer both fixed wireless and mobile telecommunications services.

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