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Internet Data Plans: Value for Money Browsing in Nigeria

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Are you looking for the best value for money data plans in Nigeria? This document was compiled to highlight the internet bundles that offer the best deals for your internet access. If you are looking for data plans that give you more internet access time or data limit for your money, this page may be useful to you. If you prefer cheap internet access instead, you can checkout our review of cheap internet browsing in Nigeria.

Best Data Plans

For the purpose of this document a value for money data plan is one that offers the highest internet access time for your money or the highest amount of data upload or/and downloads for your money.

Hence what we considered in coming up with this value for money internet bundles list, is the price of internet bundle (in Naira or Kobo)/Hours of Internet access on bundle for bundled hour 30 days internet access bundles and price of internet bundle (in Naira or Kobo)/Data Limit of internet bundle (in MB) for 30 days data plans. You will also see some unlimited internet bundles we track here.

After going through internet access bundles of several network operators in Nigeria, namely Globacom, Airtel (former Zain), MTN, Etisalat, MultiLinks, Zoom Mobile, Starcomms, Airtel (former Zain), Swift Networks, ipNX, Mobitel, and Visafone, we have come up with a list of value for money internet access bundles in Nigeria. To make this list useful for different needs we have divided the list in four, namely cheap, mid-range,  high data value for money, and unlimited internet access bundles.

*This document was last edited on March 10, 2013. The prices of various internet access packages quoted here may change without being reflected on this page. We will be reviewing this page from time to time.

Best Data Plans in Nigeria

Glo Always Max data plan as far as we are concerned is the best priced internet bundle in Nigeria. With a score of N0.94/MB, it is the best priced data plan in Nigeria. We also added the internet package to mid-range internet access plans since its price falls within our definition of mid-range value for money internet packages.

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However, because the internet data plan is a high data bundle, we also included it in our high data value for money internet bundles. It is also instructive to note that Glo Always Max is the cheapest high data value for money data plan and the only one to make the mid-range internet bundle list.

So, if you are looking for a high data internet access plan that strikes the right balance between price and data allowance, go for Glo 8GB (Glo Always Max). Glo also has data plans for users with more demand.

Other notable internet access bundles to consider include the Visafone 1.2GB, Airtel 1.5GB, Airtel 5GB, Etisalat 6GB, Glo 15GB, Swift 20GB, Mobitel 2Mbps, and Glo 20GB internet access bundles.

Cheap Value for money internet access

Budget range: below N3,500.01

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  • Glo Always Macro Data Plan (1.5GB, 24/7) – N3,000 (N2/MB)
  • Airtel Smartphone Data Plan (1.5GB, 24/7) – N3,000 (N2/MB)
  • Visafone 1.5GB Mobile Internet (24/7) – N3,000 (N2/MB)
  • MTN 1.5GB Mobile Data Plan (1GB, 24/7) – N3,500 (N2.33/MB)
  • MTN 750MB Mobile internet (500MB, 24/7) – N2,000 (N2.67/MB)
  • MTN 375MB Mobile internet (375MB, 24/7) – N1,300 (N3.47/MB)
  • Glo Always Micro Data Plan (260MB, 24/7) – N1,000 (N3.85/MB)
  • Etisalat 500MB internet bundle (24/7) – N2,000 (N4/MB)
  • Swift Liberty Plus internet bundle (300MB, 24/7) – N2,000 (N4/MB)
  • Etisalat Easyblaze 200MB internet (200MB, 24/7) – N1,000 (N5/MB)
  • MTN 200MB Mobile internet (200MB, 24/7) – N1,000 (N5/MB)
  • Airtel 325MB Mobile internet (325MB, 24/7) – N1,300 (N4/MB)
  • Airtel 768 Data Plan (125MB, 24/7) – N768 (N6.29/MB)
  • MultiLinks 50 hours internet bundle (24/7) – N3,400 (N68/hour)
  • MultiLinks 20GB Night internet bundle (12midnight – 8am)- N3,500 (17 kobo/MB)
  • Swift Lite (Night: 6pm – 8am, 5GB, 24/7) – N3,500 (70 kobo/MB)
  • MTN 3GB Night internet browsing (9pm – 6am) – N2,500 (83 kobo/MB)

Cheap internet access bundles are for people who are looking for the cheapest internet access available, but with reasonable internet access time or usage limit. They may not necessarily offer the best value for money internet access, but of what good is value for money if you cannot afford it?

Hence consider some of these data plans if you are looking for affordable value for money bundles in Nigeria. Just for the record, we consider an internet access bundle affordable if it costs N3,500 or less. Glo Macro 1.5GB is our recommended pick for this category. Airtel Smartphone data plan, Visafone 1.5GB Mobile Data Plan, and MTN 1.5GB Data plan are also good deals in this category.

Mid-range Value for money internet access

Budget range: N3,500.01 – N7,500

  • Glo 8GB Data Plan (24/7)- N7,500 (N0.94/MB)
  • Visafone 6.5GB internet bundle (24/7) – N7,500 (N1.15/MB)
  • Glo 4GB internet (Always Mini Data Plan) (24/7) – N5,000 (N1.25/MB)
  • Airtel 3GB internet bundle (24/7) – N5,000 (N1.66/MB)
  • Visafone 3.9GB internet bundle (24/7) – N6,000 (N1.53/MB)
  • Swift Basic Mini Data Plan (2GB, 24/7) – N4,000 (N2/MB)
  • Etisalat 3GB internet bundle (24/7)- N6,500 (N2.17/MB)
  • Etisalat 1.5GB internet bundle (24/7)- N4,000 (N2.67/MB)
  • Swift Home (Night: 6pm – 8am, Weekend, Holiday, 10GB) – N6,000 (N0.6/MB)
  • MultiLinks 100 hours internet bundle (24/7) – N5,600 (N56/hour)
  • Glo 100 hours/3GB internet bundle (24/7) – N6,000 (N60/hour or N2/MB)
  • Starcomms 100 hours internet bundle (24/7) – N6,500 (N65/hour)
  • Glo G-Work 3GB Data Plan (8am – 9pm) – N6,000 (N2/MB)
  • Visafone Visa Day Data Plan (8am – 9pm) – N7,000
  • Starcomms Night Data Plan (9pm – 9am) – N5,000
  • MultiLinks 6GB Day Data Plan (8am – 8pm) – N6,000 (N1/MB)
  • Zoom Mobile Day Data Plan (8am – 6pm) – N7,000
  • Etisalat Night Data Plan (see Note 1 below) – N5,000

Note 1: Etisalat has a unique night browsing package in that it gives internet access to users from 8pm to 6am daily Monday to Thursday and internet access through out the weekend from 8pm on Friday to 6am on Monday.

Our definition of mid-range data plans are those priced between N3,500 to N7,500. If you want more data allowance or more internet access time, these mid-range internet bundles will come handy. If you have out-grown the cheap value for money category, in terms of your data usage, this category is a good place to look.

Although we have focused on browsing bundles active 24/7 or active during the day because of their user friendliness, most night browsing bundles also fall within this category.

The Glo 3GB (Always Min Data Plan) is an attractive offer if you have a GSM/WCDMA device, Visafone 3.9GB is great for CDMA/EVDO devices. If you are on a high speed network coverage area (3.5G), Glo 8GB data plan should be considered as it offers the best value of the lot. If you work and need a data plan for home use, Swift Home is quite compelling.

High data Value for money internet access (Limited)

Budget range: above N7,500

  • Glo 30GB Data Plan (Platinum) (24/7)- N18,000 (N0.60/MB)
  • Glo 20GB Data Plan (Gold) (24/7)- N15,000 (N0.75/MB)
  • Glo 10GB Data Plan (Silver) (24/7) – N13,000 (N0.77/MB)
  • Swift Value Data Plan (30GB, 24/7) – (N25,000) – (N0.83/MB)
  • Visafone 15GB Data Plan (24/7) – N13,000 (N0.87/MB)
  • Swift Max Internet browsing plan (150GB, 24/7) – N130,000 (N0.86/MB)
  • Etisalat 20GB Data Plan (24/7)- N18,000 (N0.90/MB)
  • Swift Business Internet browsing plan (80GB, 24/7) – N75,000 (N0.93/MB)
  • Glo 6GB Data Plan (24/7)- N7,500 (N0.94/MB)
  • Visafone 10GB Data Plan (24/7) – N10,000 (N1.00/MB)
  • Etisalat 10GB Data Plan (24/7) – N10,000 (N1.00/MB)
  • Etisalat 15GB Data Plan (24/7)- N15,000 (N1.00/MB)
  • Swift Professional 15GB bundle (24/7)- N15,000 (N1.00/MB)
  • Swift Premium bundle (50GB, 24/7) – 52,000 Naira (N1.04/MB)
  • MTN 7.5GB internet access bundle (24/7) – N8,000 (N1.07/MB)
  • Etisalat 6GB internet access bundle (24/7)- N8,000 (N1.33/MB)
  • Swift Basic internet bundle (7GB, 24/7)- N10,000 (N1.40/MB)
  • ipNX 15GB internet bundle (24/7)- N21,000 (N1.40/MB)
  • MultiLinks 6GB internet access bundle (24/7)- N9,900 (N1.50/MB)
  • Airtel 10GB internet access bundle (24/7)- N15,000 (N1.50/MB)
  • ipNX 10GB internet bundle (24/7)- N15,750 (N1.58/MB)
  • Airtel 5GB internet bundle (24/7) – N8,000 (N1.6/MB)
  • Glo 300 hours/9GB bundle (24/7) – N15,000 (N50/hour or N1.67/MB)
  • MultiLinks 250 hour internet bundle (24/7)- N9,000 (N39.60/hour)
  • Visafone 5GB internet bundle (24/7) – N10,000 (N2.25/MB)
  • Visafone 6GB internet bundle (24/7) – N13,500 (N2.25/MB)
  • Etisalat 3GB Internet bundle (24/7) – N10,000 (N3.33/MB)
  • Zain (Airtel) 6GB Internet access (24/7) – N15,000 (N2.50/MB)
  • Starcomms 250 hours internet bundle (24/7) – N15,000 (N60/hour)

High data internet packages are for users who do lots of upload and download when online. They do not make sense if you do not have need for huge data upload or download. Glo 8GB Data Plan and MTN 7.5GB are my pick in this category.

High data bundles may also not be ideal if you are not on a high speed network like CDMA EVDO, UMTS/HSDPA, Mobile WiMax, or LTE networks. EDGE and CDMA 1X networks are not ideal for high data packages. If you are on EDGE or CDMA 1X network consider the mid-range value for money internet access bundles first.

High data Value for money internet access (unlimited)

Some networks claim they offer unlimited internet packages, although we do not know whether the CPC or other users have actually tested these claims. We list them here for your information. If they are within your budget and have coverage in your area, you should try them out.

  • Mobitel 1Mbps limited Internet browsing plan – N10,000
  • Zoom Mobile 24/7 internet browsing bundle – N12,000
  • Mobitel 2Mbps limited Internet browsing plan – N20,000
  • Starcomms iZAP 24/7 internet bundle (24/7) – N15,950
  • Visafone unlimited 24/7 internet bundle (24/7) – N16,000
  • Mobitel 3Mbps Internet browsing plan – N30,000
  • Swift Unlimited 2Mbps Internet Package – N30,000
  • Mobitel 1Mbps Unlimited Internet Package – N30,000
  • ipNX unlimited internet (10 systems, 1Mbps) – N60,000
  • Mobitel 2Mbps Unlimited Internet Package – N60,000
  • ipNX unlimited (20 systems, 1Mbps) – N90,000

That is the end of our review; we hope you found it useful.

*This document was compiled on March 10. 2013. The prices of various internet access bundles quoted here may change without being reflected on this page. We will be reviewing this page from time to time. You can browse the internet on your mobile phone or use your mobile phone with built-in internet modem as a modem for connecting your laptop of desktop computer to the internet.

You can also buy a dedicated internet modem for your connections. Routers are also available for sharing your internet connection. Routers are great for sharing network in the office or at home. Here are internet browsing activation codes for some of these internet browsing bundles.

If you know of monthly internet access bundles that offer more value for money than the ones quoted here, inform us through our comment form and we may be including it in our next review. Thanks.

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