Cheap Internet browsing Data Plans in Nigeria


Cheap Internet browsing packages provide affordable internet access to users who require the privacy and convenience that having a personal network connection affords at a reasonable price. A number of Nigerian network operators now offer internet data plans targeted at entry level users and consumers who are cost sensitive.

In this document we will review cheap internet browsing packages in Nigeria. If you are tired of the cat and mouse game that goes with using free internet browsing cheats and you want reliable, cheap and legal internet browsing, you will find some of these data plans useful at least for your mobile phone or even your computer. With as low as 768 Naira you can get one month internet access in Nigeria.

Best Data Plans in Nigeria

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For the purpose of this document a cheap data plan is one that offers 30 days internet access at N3,500 or less. The cheap internet browsing data plan may be limited in terms of data or time. After going through internet browsing bundles of several network operators in Nigeria, namely Globacom, Airtel, MTN, Etisalat, MultiLinks, Zoom Mobile, Starcomms, Swift Networks, Mobitel, ipNX, and Visafone, we have come up with a list of some of the cheapest internet browsing packages in Nigeria.

We found that the price of cheap internet browsing packages in Nigeria ranges from N768 to N3,500, while network operators like Airtel, Glo mobile, Swift Networks, Etisalat, Visafone, MTN, and MultiLinks have some of the most pocket friendly internet bundles in Nigeria.

This document focuses on price, the quality of the internet service is not considered. However, most Nigerian network operators do not offer consistent service quality throughout the country. A network may offer quality service in an area and poor services in other areas, so we leave it to the user to determine quality issues.

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It is also important to note that most cheap internet browsing data plans are for entry level users who have limited use of the internet. Some only offer enough data or time for sending and receiving emails, catching up with friends in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and limited internet browsing.

Some of the cheap internet browsing packages will make sense for browsing with your mobile phone. If you spend a lot of time on the internet or do a lot of upload or download, most cheap internet browsing packages will not satisfy your needs.

Glo Always Macro and Airtel Smartphone with their offering of 1.5 GB and 1.3 GB respectively for N3,000 are compelling cheap internet browsing offerings.

Other compelling cheap internet browsing deals to consider include 260MB data plans from Glo, MTN, and Airtel (N1,000), MTN 1.5GB data plan (N3,500), MTN 375MB (N1,300), MTN 750MB (N2,000), Etisalat 500MB (N2,000), and Swift 500MB (N2,000).

*This document was last Edited on July, 2013. The prices of various internet browsing packages quoted here may change without being reflected on this page. We will be reviewing this page from time to time.

Cheap Internet Browsing Packages in Nigeria

Here is a list of the cheapest internet browsing data plans found in our research. If you know of monthly internet browsing packages cheaper than the ones quoted here, inform us through our comment form and we may be including it in our next review:

  • Airtel 768 Data Plan (125MB Data) – N768
  • Glo 260MB internet browsing package – N1,000
  • 200MB Data Plans – N1,000 (available from MTN, Etisalat, Airtel)
  • MTN 375MB Mobile Internet – N1,300
  • Airtel 325MB Mobile Internet Data Plan – N1,300
  • MTN 750MB Data Plan – 2,000 Naira
  • Swift Liberty Plus 750MB Data Plan – 2,000 Naira
  • 500MB mobile internet browsing – N2,000 (Swift, Etisalat, Airtel)
  • 3GB Night internet browsing package – N2,500 ( from MTN, Airtel)
  • Glo Always Macro 1.5GB internet browsing Data Plan – N3,000
  • Airtel Smartphone 1.5GB internet browsing package – N3,000
  • Visafone 1.5GB mobile internet browsing – N3,000 (EVDO)
  • MultiLinks 50 hours internet browsing package – N3,400
  • Visafone 2GB internet browsing bundle – N3,500 (CDMA 1x)
  • MTN 1GB mobile internet browsing – N3,500
  • Swift Lite Data Plan (Night: 6pm – 8pm) – N3,500
  • MultiLinks 20GB Night internet browsing bundle – N3,500
  • Best Data Plans in Nigeria

Here is a brief of some of these internet browsing packages:

1.5GB Internet Data Plans

This is our most preferred deal for cheap internet browsing in Nigeria on GSM/WCDMA networks. The 1.5GB data plans offer 30-day 24/7 internet access limited to 1.5GB data for N3,000. Currently two networks offer the 1.5GB data plan, they are Glo and Airtel. It strikes the right balance between price, convenience, and data usage limit.

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MTN offers 1.5GB for 3,500 Naira.

If you need more than 500MB data access in a month, Airtel, MTN or Glo 1.5 GB internet browsing package is your best choice. Note however, that depending on your browsing needs, the 1.5GB may be too much for you especially if you browse with your mobile phone.

If your monthly internet browsing need is less than 400MB, the 1.5GB data plan is not the best for you. You should consider Glo Always Micro, MTN 750MB, Swift Liberty Plus, or MTN 375MB.

Visafone 1.5GB Internet Browsing Plan

The Visafone 1.5GB data plan is one of the best priced internet bundle money can buy at N3,000. It offers 24 hours browsing and puts Visafone in a good position. However, the Visafone 1.5GB browsing bundle is only available on EVDO (3G) coverage area. In addition, it is a mobile bundle, so it is not clear whether it can be used with a modem. However, if experience with GSM operators is anything to go by, it will work with internet modems. So, if you need more than 750MB within 30 days, this data bundle may meet your browsing needs.

260MB Internet Browsing Data Plans

MTN, Airtel and Glo offer 260MB internet browsing data plans priced at N1,000. The 260MB data plan from Glo, Airtel, and MTN are great deals for browsing directly on your mobile phone. If you need less than 260MB in a 30-day period these browsing deals are very compelling.

They are great for entry level users, definitely better than going to a cyber cafe. The 260MB internet browsing bundles from Airtel, Glo and Etisalat are our best pick for entry level data plan if you want 24/7 internet access on your mobile phone.

The 260MB Internet browsing data plans are not for users who do lots of downloads and uploads. Remember that once you use up your 260MB internet browsing allocation, even if it is just 2 hours after you activated, your internet access will be deactivated. Hence the 260MB internet browsing data plans is for users with limited internet needs.

MTN also offers a compelling 375 MB internet browsing data plan priced at N1,300. Here are more

Cheap Night Data Plans

Swift Night browsing is active from 6pm to 8am with a data limit of 5GB. At a price of N3,500 it is very compelling night data plan.
MTN used to offer the cheapest Night internet browsing package in Nigeria, but now Airtel has joined them. The cheap internet browsing bundles from MTN and Airtel offers internet access at night daily for 30 days limited to a data usage of 3GB at a price of N2,500. The advantage of the MTN night internet and the Airtel internet browsing plans is their affordability and the high data usage limit. However, because you can use it only at night, it may not be okay for a number of people. You will have to wait until 9pm before you can start browsing, which will not be convenient for some of people.

That is the end of our review; we hope you found it useful.

*This document was last edited on July, 2013. The prices of various internet browsing data plans quoted here may change without being reflected on this page. We will be reviewing this page from time to time. You can browse the internet on your mobile phone or use your mobile phone with built-in internet modem as a modem for connecting your laptop of desktop computer to the internet. You can also buy a dedicated internet modem for your connections. Routers are also available for sharing your internet connection. Here are internet browsing activation codes for some of these internet browsing bundles.

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