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Etisalat Easynet is a service from Etisalat that offers flexible data plans to its subscribers. Etisalat Easynet provides subscribers with more Internet browsing data plans. Here you find information on Etisalat Internet services in Nigeria.
Easynet is the brand name for Etisalat GPRS/EDGE service, if you want 3G service, go for Etisalat Easyblaze. Etisalat Easynet currently offers three categories of internet browsing bundles, namely the Etisalat Easynet Flex, Etisalat Easynet Time, Etisalat Easynet Fixed data plans. Here are their details:

Etisalat Easynet Flex Internet browsing data plans are flexible. You can choose the particular internet browsing package you want and you move from one internet package to another without any need of visiting an Etisalat service centre. They give 30 day internet access limited by their various data limits.

Etisalat Internet codes

Here is the full list of Etisalat internet browsing bundles with their access codes and price

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  • 500MB 9Mobile Data Plan (30 days) – *229*2*12# – 500 Naira
  • 1.5GB 9Mobile Data Plan (30 days) – *229*2*7# – 1,000 Naira
  • 2GB 9Mobile Data Plan (30 days) – *229*2*25# – 1,200 Naira
  • 3GB 9Mobile Data Plan (30 days) – *229*2*3# – 1,500 Naira
  • 4.5GB 9Mobile Data Plan (30 days) – *229*2*8# – 2,000 Naira
  • 11GB 9Mobile Data Plan (30 days) – *229*2*36#- 4,000 NGN
  • 15GB 9Mobile Data Plan (30 days) – *229*2*37# – 5,000 NGN
  • 40GB 9Mobile Data Plan (30 days) – *229*4*1# – 10,000 NGN
  • Check your data balance – *228#
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Etisalat Easynet Flex 200MB Data Plan:

This internet browsing bundle offers you 30-day access to the Internet. However you cannot download or/upload data in excess of 200MB within the period. Once you use 200MB, even if it is on the second day the internet bundle will expire. The Etisalat 200MB data plan costs N1000 only.

The Etisalat 200MB Internet browsing data plan may make sense for you if you do not use the internet very often. For example, if you just need internet access for checking your mails and chatting or for Facebook and Twitter updates, this plan may make sense, especially on a mobile phone. However, if you send or receive email attachments, or upload/download a lot on Facebook, you are advised to consider another Internet browsing bundle.

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Etisalat Easynet Flex 500MB Data Plan:

This internet browsing bundle offers you 30-day access to the Internet with a data upload/download limit of 500MB. Once you use 500MB, even if it is on the second day the internet bundle will expire. Etisalat 500MB Internet bundle costs N3000. This is one of the best priced Internet browsing bundles available in Nigeria.

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Etisalat 500MB internet browsing data plan is okay for average users. If you require less than 500MB in a month this internet browsing plan will be enough for you. If you do more than just chat and basic social networking on the internet, the 500MB plan is a great internet bundle for you.

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Etisalat 6GB Internet Data Plan:

This internet browsing data plan offers you 30-day access to the Internet with a data upload/download limit of 6GB. Once you use 6GB your internet bundle will expire. Etisalat 6GB Internet bundle costs 8,000 Naira.

Etisalat 6GB internet browsing data plan is targeted at heavy users, especially those on highspeed networks.

Etisalat Easynet Time Internet plans offer internet access at specific periods of the day.

Etisalat Daily Internet Plan:

This internet browsing data plan gives you internet access for a whole day (24 hours) at the cost of N100 limited to 10MB. If you do not regularly need the internet, the daily internet plan may meet your need.

Etisalat Night and Weekend Internet Plan:

This internet browsing data plan gives you internet access at night (from 8:00pm to 6:00am) as well as all day during weekends at the cost of N5,000. This internet plan is okay for home internet access for working people.

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Etisalat Easynet Fixed Internet bundles

These internet browsing plans are similar to the flex internet plans, except that you are fixed to your chosen package. You will have to visit an Etisalat service centre to enter any of these internet plans. You can access Etisalat Easynet Fixed Internet bundles with a data only SIM and USB modem. Your existing internet browsing data plan will automatically be renewed, if you have enough credit to pay for the cost of the internet bundle.

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Etisalat Easynet Fixed Internet bundles consists of Etisalat Easynet Fixed 100MB Internet Bundle, Etisalat Easynet Fixed 500MB Internet Bundle, and Etisalat Easynet Fixed 3GB Internet Bundle.

How to subscribe to Etisalat Easynet

Etisalat Easynet Flex and Time internet plans can be accessed via a GPRS/EDGE enabled mobile phone or a GPRS/EDGE enabled internet modem.

Simply buy and load Etisalat recharge cards worth the value of the internet package you require into your internet enabled mobile phone or USB modem and dial the request code (see above). You will receive an SMS in a short-while informing you of the success or failure of your request.

If your request is successful, you now start browsing the internet. At the expiration of your internet package, you will receive an SMS notification. Etisalat USB modem goes for 4,000 Naira.

To enjoy Etisalat Easynet Fixed internet plans, you will require an Etisalat data enabled SIM and a USB modem. Both can be acquired at any Etisalat experience centre or shop near you.

You will then choose an internet bundle that meets your usage pattern. This will then be configured for you at the Etisalat centre.

Note that to migrate to another package in future you will still need to visit an Etisalat shop for configuration. Ensure that there is Etisalat internet coverage in your area before buying the modem.

Etisalat currently charges 5kobo/kb on pay as you go internet browsing.

Etisalat easy starter, eliteworld, easynet and easycliq packs are available at Etisalat experience centres, dealer outlets and on the streets.

Dial Etisalat customer care line 200 with an Etisalat phone, or 08090000200 from other networks for more information on Etisalat Easynet.

Etisalat is based in United Arab Emirates UAE and currently have operations in 18 markets.

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