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Zain mobile Nigeria has introduced a new tariff package for its mobile subscribers. The Tariff package called Zain Joli offers up to 50 kobo/sec flat call rate to all networks. In addition, Zain Joli offers four tariff options namely Joli People, Joli Padi, Joli Yans, and Joli Yonda; each offering a unique tariff plan targeted to meet different needs for even cheaper calls. You can choose 1, 2, 3 or all 4 options on Zain Joli.

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Zain Joli offers flat call rate as low as 50 kobo/sec to all networks, and opens the door to cheaper calls via four unique packages targeted to different needs. Joli People offers call rate as low as 40k/s to Zain numbers, while Joli Padi gives call rates as low as 25k/sec to 10 family and friend Zain numbers.

If you prefer making calls at night, Joli Yans offers 25k/sec flat call rates to all networks, between 10pm and 2am or 2am and 6am depending on your preference. Joli Yonda offers cheap international calls as low as 25k/sec to UK mobile lines or US/Canada mobile and fixed lines. Zain charges 50k/sec to UK fixed lines.

Before you can access any of these Zain Joli options, you must first migrate to Zain Joli. To do this, simply dial *210*10# on any existing Zain mobile line. New Zain lines also come with Zain Joli package. Once on the Zain Joli package, you can start enjoying as low as 50k/sec call rates to all networks. You can then choose any of or all of the available Zain Joli options.

Here are the codes for choosing the various Zain Joli options:

  • Joli People – dial *211*11#
  • Joli Padi – dial *211*21# to add a number dial *141*2*Zain number# to remove number dial *141*3*Zain number# (you can add up to 10 family & friend Zain numbers)
  • Joli Yans (10pm to 2am) – dial *211*31#
  • Joli Yans (2am to 6am) – dial *211*32#
  • Joli Yonda (UK) – dial *211*41#
  • Joli Yonda (US/Canada) – dial *211*42#

You can choose 1, 2, 3, or all 4 Zain Joli options. Your first Joli option is free, while you will be charged N25 every 7 days for each other option you choose. This means that if you select all four options, the first will be free while you will pay N75 every 7 days for the other 3 Zain Joli options. This amount will be automatically deducted every 7 days from your credit. If you do not have enough credit to support it the Zain Joli option will automatically be deactivated.

You can also deactivate any Zain Joli option at anytime, here are the codes:

  • Joli People – dial *211*911#
  • Joli Padi – dial *211*921#
  • Joli Yans (10pm to 2am) – dial *211*931#
  • Joli Yans (2am to 6am) – dial *211*932#
  • Joli Yonda (UK) – dial *211*941#
  • Joli Yonda (US/Canada) – dial *211*942#

Note that although you can deactivate the Zain Joli options, you cannot deactivate Zain Joli. For now, once you migrate to Zain Joli, you cannot migrate back to your old package. Before migrating to Zain Joli, make sure it meets your needs. Also make sure that your first Zain Joli option (which is free) is the most appropriate for you.

Cons of Zain Joli

Although Zain Joli promises cheaper calls, it comes at some cost, the most prominent being No free SMS. So if you prefer free or low cost SMS to cheaper calls, you are better off with your existing package. Zain Joli charges N9 for local SMS and N15 for international SMS.

Another Snag of Zain Joli is that once in; you cannot migrate out of it, except to Zain StepUp. However, Zain StepUp offer similar SMS charges so is not really a good replacement for Zain Joli except if you make lots of calls and want to benefit from more call savings. Hence it is a good idea to be sure Zain Joli meets your needs before migrating. Another issue you might have with Zain Joli is the N25/7 days/ option charge. Although, your first option is free, you will pay N25 every 7 days for other options if you select more than one option.

For more information on Zain, visit Zain website at

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