InterSwitch Nigeria ATM Shops Sites that accept Debit Cards

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InterSwitch Nigeria is a leading provider of secure electronic payment solutions in Nigeria. InterSwitch has deployed thousands of ATM machines and POS terminals throughout Nigeria. In this page, you will find links to pages on InterSwitch website where you would locate shops, stores, and merchants that have POS terminals that support InterSwitch payment platform.

In addition, online merchants and websites where secure online payments or purchases can be made with InterSwitch debit cards are also provided.

There is no point having an ATM/Debit card if you cannot use it. To use debit cards consumers need to know merchants that accept such cards. InterSwitch currently provides such information on their website and we encourage other secure electronic payment providers in Nigeria to do the same.

Locating InterSwitch ATM machines

Almost all Nigerian banks now support InterSwitch Verve ATM and debit cards. Visiting any ATM machine and look for the Quick Teller logo on it.

At InterSwitch ATM machines, you can withdraw cash, transfer funds, and buy recharge cards as well as pay your bills. You can also check your bank deposit balance.

Locating InterSwitch POS Terminals, Stores, Merchants and Shops

To shop with your InterSwitch Verve debit cards or InterSwitch Cashcard, you must first identify merchants that accept InterSwitch debit cards and Cashcard on their POS terminals. To locate stores, merchants, stores, malls, supermarkets and shops that Accept InterSwitch Debit cards in Nigeria, look for a Quick Teller logo on the PoS desk.

At InterSwitch Point-of-Sale POS terminals, you can make secured payment for goods and services directly from your bank deposit using an InterSwitch debit card. You can also transfer funds and buy mobile phone recharge cards at InterSwitch Point-of-Sale terminals.

Locating websites and online merchants that accept InterSwitch

You can now pay for goods and services online at online stores with your InterSwitch Verve debit card. To locate merchants and e-commerce websites in Nigeria that support secure payment on the internet via InterSwitch, visit InterSwitch website at Click on Make Payments, Select Online Merchants, then the type of service you want to pay for

Therefore, you can start shopping online today, even in Nigeria.

For more information about InterSwitch, visit the InterSwitch website at

For improved security change your InterSwitch from magnetic strip to InterSwitch Verve, which is a chip and PIN card that offers you more security against card fraudsters. Ignore any email claiming to be from InterSwitch requesting your ATM or debit card PIN. Be careful when entering your InterSwitch PIN at ATM machines and destroy all paper trail of your InterSwitch transactions properly.

When shopping with InterSwitch make you do so via a secure and trusted merchant. Go to the InterSwitch e-commerce sites locator and find genuine sites that use InterSwitch platform. Shop only through such sites.

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