InterSwitch Verve PIN Chip Card for Secure e-Payment

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InterSwitch Verve card is a secure e-payment card from InterSwitch, a leading provider of secure electronic payment and transaction solutions in Nigeria. InterSwitch Verve card is a Chip and PIN, EMV complaint card; and will replace the existing magnetic stripe based InterSwitch cards carried by millions of Nigerians. If you are still using the old magnetic strip InterSwitch card, ask your bank for the new InterSwitch Verve, it is more secured and offers more possibilities.

InterSwitch Verve smart cards comes with Chip and Pin instead of the magnetic strip used in previous cards. InterSwitch Verve comes with an in-built microprocessor (chip), offering greater processing and security capability than Magstrip. InterSwitch Verve has a bigger storage making it able to carry more information securely. Verve cards are also more difficult to duplicate and alter than Magstrip cards. InterSwitch Verve uses the MasterCard MChip4 technology.

Higher storage space on InterSwitch Verve means that it can carry more information securely. Personal Information and medical information can be stored in InterSwitch Verve, which means it can double also as an ID card at workplace or for students in school as well as a payment platform for salary.

Multiple Applications can be held on InterSwitch Verve cards. Debit card and Credit card applications as well as loyalty applications can be held on a single Verve card. Because InterSwitch Verve is chip based, applications can be programmed into it making it easier to upgrade.

It can also be possible for service providers to buy storage space on the InterSwitch Verve allowing all sorts of possibilities. For example, with a chip-based card like InterSwitch Verve it is possible for PHCN to buy space on Verve. Such a scheme will allow PHCN customers to buy and load energy with Verve card saving us from multiplicity of smart cards.

InterSwitch Verve can be used on mobile, ATM, POS, and internet based transactions. Verve Cardholders can use over 7,300 ATM machines. InterSwitch Verve can also be used to shop at over 11,000 POS terminals at their merchant locations. Over 200 online merchants now support transactions with InterSwitch Verve allowing cardholders to shop on the worldwide web.

InterSwitch Verve offers SMS transaction alerts, notifying you of your card transactions, you can also block your card easily from anywhere at anytime. InterSwitch provides a one time PIN for internet and mobile transactions, preventing your PIN from being re-used by unauthorised persons. InterSwitch Verve supports FraudInsure a card insurance service which is aimed at reducing the burden of fraud when it happens.

You can also pay your bills with InterSwitch Verve at ATMs, POS terminals, Kiosks, online or using mobile devices. You can buy DSTV, MTN, Glo and Zain airtime with your InterSwitch Verve on all InterSwitch supported payment platforms. Recharge PIN for your PHCN prepayment meter can be paid for using InterSwitch Verve at ATMs, POS, Web, mobile devices, and Kiosks. You can also pay water bills in Lagos and Ogun states with your InterSwitch Verve card.

InterSwitch Locators

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  • InterSwitch e-commerce sites Locator

If you do not have an InterSwitch Verve card already, ask your bank for one. InterSwitch Verve offers more security and reduces fraud.

Do not forget to change you PIN, immediately you are issued a new InterSwitch Verve card, and keep your PIN safe afterwards. Do not also forget that the safest place to store your InterSwitch Verve PIN is in your memory.

Note that InterSwitch or your bank will never ask you for your PIN or card details, so ignore any text, or email requesting you to reveal such information, as they are most likely to be fraudulent.

For more information about InterSwitch, visit the InterSwitch website at

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Get up to 2 years Warranty
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