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With mobile phones getting smarter, and now used in applications, that where in the past limited to computers, they are now being exposed to virus threats that before now were limited to computers. Smartphones now face the same threats as computers in addition to virus threats peculiar to mobile phones. Kaspersky mobile security 9 is an antivirus software that protects smart phones from internet attacks, malicious software, data theft, and SMS spam. Kaspersky mobile security antivirus is available for free 7-day trial before you buy.

Mobile phones are getting more powerful by the day. Mobile phones are now used for accessing the internet, making them vulnerable to internet attacks when downloading data. This makes antivirus software essential for Smartphones or mobile phones used on the internet. Kaspersky mobile security 9 protects your mobile phone from security threats as well as protects your data from unauthorized access when phone is lost. Kaspersky Mobile Security currently supports Android Phones from Android 2.2.

Features of Kaspersky Mobile Security 9:

Anti-Malware Protection:

When using your mobile phone on the internet, it is exposed to malware attacks. For example, phishing sites can steal confidential information in your mobile phone while you are browsing.

With Smartphones containing lots of confidential information, data theft is a major threat. Malware can also delete confidential information without your permission. Kaspersky mobile security provides real-time virus scan of incoming files (apps, email attachments, media files) and connection saving your mobile phones from malicious software.

If your phone is infected it can be remotely controlled by the invader. For example, multiple SMS and MMS messages can be sent from your phone (at your cost) without your permission. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 comes with features to protect you from such threats.

Anti-Spam SMS protection:

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 antivirus can protect your mobile phone from irritating SMS spam messages. Kaspersky can block SMS messages from incorrect or unwanted numbers. Kaspersky mobile security can also block messages containing inappropriate contents and adware. You can create a blacklist of numbers and unwanted text for blocking. If you want all SMS messages containing a certain text to be blocked, simply add it to your blacklist.

Anti-theft protection:

When your mobile phone is lost or stolen, personal data and information stored in your phone can be at risk. With Kaspersky mobile security antivirus, you can block your smartphone, delete all files, messages, and contact list remotely as well identify who is currently using your mobile phone.

Device Lock feature enables you send an SMS remotely, instructing your SIM to block access to your mobile phone until a pre-set password is entered. You can also delete the contacts of your phone’s memory and memory card remotely via SMS (Data Wipe feature).

The mugshot feature enables you secretly take photos of the thief or unauthorised user of your phone.

Kaspersky mobile security 9 antivirus makes your data inaccessible once the SIM is changed. The SIM Watch feature ensures that your data can only be accessed with your original SIM. SIM Watch will automatically send you the number of the new SIM installed in your phone without the knowledge of the new user (thief).

Automatic antivirus database updates:

Everyday new virus threats emerge; Kaspersky Mobile Security automatically updates the antivirus definition database at intervals set by you, protecting your mobile phone from the latest viral threat. Kaspersky Mobile Security allows for automatic daily and weekly anti-virus database update as well as manual antivirus update.

Get Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 antivirus is available for download online. One-year license costs 29.95 USD (about N4,500). Kaspersky Mobile Security is also available for free 7-day trial.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 antivirus is available for smartphones running Android 2.2 to 4.1.

For more information about Kaspersky Mobile Security, visit Kaspersky Website.

Avoid cheap fake outdated anti-virus

Of course, you can decide to buy cheap fake anti-virus software at N150 in the market. However, as you may have found out (or will still find out) these fake antivirus software offer no security to your mobile phone, largely because they are outdated. New Viral threats emerge everyday and only original antivirus software with regular update of virus definition files, can protect your mobile phone from latest viral threats.

Fake anti-virus software is likely to be a malware (virus), and can cause more problems for your mobile phone.

Kaspersky mobile security protects your mobile phone from security threats as well as protects your data from unauthorized access when phone is lost. In addition, Kaspersky Mobile Security is available for 7-day free trial download.

If you can afford to buy a smartphone, then you can afford protecting it with original antivirus software. This can save you some headaches in future. Prevention is better than cure. Check out Kaspersky Mobile Security for your mobile phone.

For more information about Kaspersky Mobile Security and other Kaspersky Security solutions, visit Kaspersky website at www.kaspersky.com.

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Get up to 2 years Warranty
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