Glo Broad Access Broadband internet on Fixed lines plus voice, video, cable TV, streaming, online gaming

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Glo has launched its long awaited fixed line service, called Glo Broad Access. Glo Broad Access promises to deliver broadband services: voice calls, video downloads, true high-speed internet, video conference call, cable TV, interactive gaming, video on demand, and lots of other broadband possibilities to homes and offices through out Nigeria.

Globacom is the second national carrier in Nigeria with licenses for all telecommunications services in Nigeria, but for most people in Nigeria Glo is just another GSM company. This is because for most people Glo has done nothing since its creation except deploying more GSM lines to keep up with the likes of MTN and Zain. The launch of Glo Broad Access to deliver broadband services on fixed lines, will likely change how Nigerians see Globacom and will make Glo more Relevant to the Nigerian economy.

Fixed landlines is almost absent in Nigeria. Most of the advancements in telecommunications in Nigeria has been in wireless and mobile technologies. However no economy can rely solely on mobile telecommunications. Fixed lines are more reliable and brings true broadband to homes and businesses.

Glo Broad Access might bring back the Fixed line culture in Nigeria and will also be available to prepaid subscribers who can recharge using the same scratch cards as used with mobile phones.

As expected Glo Broad Access will first be available to consumers in Lagos and Abuja. Over 50,000 lines are currently available in Lagos for individuals and SMEs. Large corporate bodies in Lagos and Abuja have been subscribing to Glo Broad Access. Glo Broad Access will be available to more towns and cities in Nigeria soon.

Glo Broad Access will be deployed on copper cables with data services relying on Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) to deliver reliable high-speed services. ADSL is a technology used for delivering high-speed (1.5Mbps to 8Mbps) data over copper wire.

ADSL allows for data to be transferred over a normal telephone copper wire at a much faster rate than a conventional dial-up modem. Because ADSL uses completely different frequency from the analog signals of the telephone and fax, it is possible to make or receive a call while still browsing the internet.

The Asymmetric in ADSL refers to the fact that the upload and download speed is not the same. In ADSL the download speed is higher than the upload speed.

If Glo Broad Access lives up to expectation the dream of downloading MegaBytes of files within a few seconds will become a reality. Other possibilities include video conferencing, cable TV, and video on demand.
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Globacom currently offer prepaid packages on Glo 3G Plus for mobile subcribers.

Glo All day packs: the all day packages offer 24 hours access to the internet over a specific period (1 day or 30 days).

  • Glo Always Max (30 days) – N10,000
  • Glo Always Min (30 days) – N5,000
  • Glo Always Day (24 hours) – N500

Note that these internet packages have safe use download-upload limits, once you exceed this limit your internet access is de-activated irrespective of whether the validity period has been reached.

Glo Bundled hour packs: the bundled hour packs offer bundled hours internet access over a specific period.

  • Glo G300 (300 hours bundle) – N15,000
  • Glo G100 (100 hours bundle) – N6,000

Note that you will have a specific period to use up your bundled internet hours. If you do not use it within the period it will expire.

Glo Flexi packs: the flexi packages offer internet access at specific periods of the day (day or night).

  • Glo G Work (8am – 9pm) – N6,000
  • Glo G Leisure (8pm – 9am + all day weekend) – N5,000

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