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In the course of this online work series we have seen jobs that can be done at online work marketplace and also seen the tools you need to work online.

If you have the skills for online jobs and have the right tools, the next natural question becomes, is it worth it? In this article we will set the record straight on online jobs.

Like in offline ventures, online jobs are also profitable. However, because of the relatively recent nature of online jobs there is still a low awareness about them leading to a lot of hype.

Can you make $100 a day Online

Am sure if you have spent up to a day on the internet you must have come across one ad or another making claims of the possibility of making hundreds of dollars a day online.

Users who jumped into internet opportunities on the strength of these claims often end up burnt and concluding that online jobs are scam. You may be wondering whether these claims are true. Are online jobs really scam?

Online jobs are not scam. It is possible to make $100 a day from online jobs, but the ads are often written to take advantage of your ignorance of online jobs. If you look closely at those ads there is always a book, manual, course, or information product to be sold. The advertiser needs pointers to make the e-product sell, that is the point of advertising.

While it is possible to make $100 a day working online, you will not make it from the very first day or every single day. Some days will be good and other days will be bad, such is the life of a freelancer.

Some of the top earners at online work sites earn from $20 to $80 an hour. So if a top earner gets a job that requires 5 or more hours a day they could make more than $100 on that particular day.

Most of the top earners have been doing online jobs for years, some up to 7 years. It is quite over ambitious expecting you can earn as much as they do from the very first day. You need time to learn how online jobs and the online freelance industry work. You also need time to learn how the freelancing websites work.

Most importantly you need to build your reputation. No one will pay you $20 an hour with no work reputation on your part. Like in blogging, you need a good reputation to make money from online jobs. And like always it takes time to build a reputation.

Start Small Build Reputation & Earn more

As a beginner, do not set your work rate too high. You cannot earn $100 in a day at this stage. Look at the work rate in your industry and set your rate to be competitive considering that you have no reputation yet.

Your aim at this stage is to build your reputation by getting a few jobs and a few positive feedback that will enable you earn more in future.

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