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Top Online Work Marketplace Sites for Freelance Jobs

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Online Work Marketplace are sites that connect employers with skilled workers, ensuring that both get value for their money and time respectively. However, it is always a good idea to deal with leading online work marketplace. As part of our online work series this post will be revealing some of the top online work marketplace where you can find freelance jobs as well as employ skilled workers for your projects.

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Top Sites for Work at Home Freelance Jobs

To succeed with online work you need to roam with the right crowd. Some online work sites are just out to steal from you. As a guide any online work marketplace that asks for payment to join is more likely to be a scam. Note that some genuine online work marketplace may have various membership levels with some requiring monthly membership payment, but most online work platforms will have a free membership option albeit with some limitation.

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Some of the leading online work marketplace for skilled workers ready to work as freelancers on projects include Freelancer, Elance, oDesk, and Guru. These sites are known for their good reputation; however the list should not be taken as an endorsement of any of the online work services. All the online work sites listed here have free membership options.

You can go ahead and try any of them. However, it is a good idea to learn more about any of your chosen online work site first to make sure you understand how the ecosystem works before applying or submitting proposals for online jobs. These sites also offer lots of helpful resources to help you get started. So, make use of them so that you will be efficient as an online worker or employer.

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What do online work sites do?

Each online work site may have different procedures for doing things but essentially they all end up achieving the same aims, connect skilled freelancers with employers. Here are roles of online work marketplace for both freelancers and employers.

Roles to Online Workers

Here are some roles online work markets perform for freelancers:

  • Provides a platform for freelancers to market their skills
  • Helps freelancers promote their skills online
  • Provides tests for freelancers to easily prove skills to employers
  • Enable freelancers apply or submit proposals for jobs online
  • Provides an online interview interface for freelancers
  • Provides a virtual office that enables freelancers transparently track and shows work done
  • Guarantees that work done in accordance with terms & conditions will be paid for
  • Helps in resolution of disputes with employers
  • Fund freelancer’s account after collecting commission
  • Send withdrawn funds to freelancers using approved methods
  • Provide help and support for freelancers

Roles to Employers

Here are some roles online work markets perform for employer:

  • Offers employers a global pool of skilled workers
  • Creates an easy and cost effective solution for hiring and managing workers online
  • Provides a solution for tracking and monitoring actual work done online by the freelancer
  • Helps in processing payments to freelancers
  • Helps in resolution of disputes with freelancers
  • Provide help and support for employers

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