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Top 10 Online Jobs for Nigerians

10 Online Jobs for Nigerians
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Last time in this online work series we saw the top 20 online jobs at online work marketplace. Here we will narrow it down to online jobs for Nigerians. This does not mean that Nigerians cannot handle other online jobs opportunities, but we believe that Nigerian online workers will have competitive advantage in some of these opportunities.

Some of these online jobs are also easy to learn. So if you do not even have the skill now, you can easily find a training centre within Nigeria to learn them.

As always do not limit yourself to these online jobs, browse through any of the top online work sites to find the job that is right for you. There are hundreds of them to choose from.

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Top 10 Online Jobs for Nigeria

Here are 10 online jobs that I think that any educated Nigerian can always find one to excel in. I believe that the Nigerian education system even with all its downsides gives Nigerians competitive advantage in these areas.

1. Virtual Assistant:

The job of a virtual assistant involves making/answering calls, helpdesk, research, handling email, etc. In fact, these days a virtual assistant is just like a personal assistant.

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As a virtual assistant, you do whatever you boss needs you to do. You just do it remotely.

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Virtual assistant jobs require good spoken and written English and since English is our Lingua Franca, Educated Nigerians should not have a problem here.

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This online job also require good office etiquette and other skills that will be required by a secretary. It is one of the best online jobs in Nigeria.

2. Translation:

Studying in Nigeria means you are supposed to be good in English. Some Nigerians in the North are also good in Arabic. Translating other languages to English are the most popular translation jobs on online work sites.

Some of the popular languages include German, Chinese, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, etc. So, all you need is one or two more other languages and you are good to go.

3. Writing:

There are lots of writing jobs at online work sites. These include blog writing, speech writing, article writing, Technical writing, Report writing etc.

As a Nigerian passing through the education system, you must have been writing articles from primary school. An article is an article. You have been writing for marks in school now you can write for money.

4. Research Assistant:

This involves assisting your employer with research. The research will normally be done online through a search engine like Google.

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Research jobs will require you to document your finding via a Word processor or spreadsheet. So proficiency in such software may also be required in research jobs.

5. Customer Service Reps:

The job of a customer service rep is similar to that of a virtual assistant although CSRs focus more on answering calls and emails from customers of their employer. If you speak good English, this job may be okay for you.

6. Data Entry Experts:

Data entry jobs usually require proficiency in Microsoft Excel or some other spreadsheet or Database software. Your job as a data entry expert is to organise or complete data.

For example, you might be given a list of companies on an Excel spreadsheet and told to find their phone numbers and enter them into an excel document. You can browse the internet to the website of the companies capture the data and enter them on the spreadsheet.

7. Graphics Designers:

Graphics designers are wanted online to design logos, animations, and other graphic work. Flash and Photoshop skills are in hot demand at online work sites.

8. Accounting:

Yes accounting jobs are available online. Businesses are looking for accountants online. So, you can put that ICAN and ANAN to work at online work sites

9. AutoCad:

Most Nigerian graduate in architecture or civil Engineering are supposed to know AutoCAD. So, if you are one of them you can also put that knowledge to good use.

10. Microsoft Experts:

The Nigerian Education system is Microsoft all the way. So, if you study or live in Nigeria and own a computer you are likely to have some level of Microsoft skills. All you need is to sharpen your skills level and you could be getting online jobs that tap those skills

Note that these are not the only jobs you can do online from Nigeria, there are loads of others like front, backend, or full stack web development, etc. To see more online jobs for Nigeria,  Check Here.

online jobs that Nigerians can excel in. I just had to make a list of 10 online jobs that I think Nigerians should be competitive at. Your list might be different from mine. You must not choose from the list, browse through any of the top online work sites and select your dream online jobs.

So what do you think? Are there other online jobs you think should be on the top 10? Which ones do you think should be dropped? Share with me in the comment box.

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