6 Reasons to Build a Website for your Business

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Having a website is an important part of going online. A website makes your business visible to the growing number of consumers online. In case the article on the 5 benefits of a business website is not enough for you, here are more reasons why you need to build a website for your business.

1. Increase Sales


A website will enable you provide information about your products and services online. Consumers are increasingly searching online for information about products and services they are interested in buying.

A website will make your business accessible to these high value consumers who are educated and responsible for making buying decisions.

With a website your business is no longer limited to its brick and mortar locations. This gives your business more visibility with the resultant increase in sales.

A website enables you use techniques like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing (EM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM) to target consumers who are more likely to be interested in your products and services increasing conversion rate and boosting sales.

With SEO, SEM, and SMM you can drive targeted traffic to your website. Combine these with good landing pages and the only direction sales will be going is up. There are also other opportunities offered by the internet to increase sales, but you will never actualise their full potential if you do not have a website.

With a website you can also use emerging and fast growing marketing techniques like Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing to get other people to recommend your products and services online.

These influencers and affiliate marketers can easily recommend your product page or service page driving their fans and followers to it. These could result in massive sale if you play it right.

Even when an influencer does not share your website link, and simply recommends your product by name, having a website means interested fans can easily learn more about the product or service.

2. Promote your Offices & Contacts


A business website will enable you populate the web with your office addresses and other channels through which customers can reach you.

Consumers who have heard of your business from a friend or from your offline campaigns may want to reach you. Can they? If they cannot reach you, they will most definitely reach your competitor who has made the smart investment on a website.

3. Your Competitors are Already Online

This one is meant to scare you. And you should be scared if your competitors have websites and you don’t. Your competitors are already taking advantage of the huge opportunities that being online provides to grow their businesses and you are still doing what your forefathers did: waiting in your office for customers to come.

You may be wondering why customers are walking past your office location and heading straight to your competitors. You may even be planning to go and get some black magic to boost your business. You don’t need black magic, what you need is a website with targeted online campaigns and you could be smiling like your competitors.

Even if your competitors do not have business websites yet, they may be considering one. You need to be a trend setter in your industry, so you should start drawing up your going online plan and a website should be somewhere in there.

4. Become More Customer Friendly

A website makes your business more customer friendly. Customers deserve to know what is going on in your business like new products, price changes, new offices, changes in contact phone number and email, etc and your website is a good platform to inform and educate customers.

Without a website, customers can’t get up to date information about your business. Imagine a customer not being able to reach you through an old phone number you left in an old ad campaign in a newspaper.

That is very wicked of you. The customer is king and should not be toyed with. Build a business website, ‘jor’ and update it regularly too.

5. Take Advantage of Free viral Marketing

Word of mouth sells. People are more likely to buy stuff if recommended by a friend. Although word of mouth, sales can also occur offline, the internet creates the possibility of speedy viral marketing.

An interesting news about your business or a product you just launched can go viral on social media sites.

Your business website makes it easier for people to spread information about your business. They can easily share links from your website with their friends and their friends with their friends and so on on BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. And you do not have to pay for it they are doing it because it is interesting to them.

6. Save Cost

A website also has a cost saving benefit. It saves cost on marketing since you can now target consumers more accurately online and benefit from viral marketing from social media. A website also reduces the cost of educating and informing customers.

You no longer need to spend so much on printed materials as some of your customers can access information from your website. Just update your website and it is accessible to all.

Do you have more reasons why businesses need websites? Share with me as a comment.

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