Apple’s win over Samsung what does it really mean?

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Although Apple means nothing more than a fruit we buy in chain supermarkets or from hawkers during traffic jams to most of us in this part of the world, a recent victory in court by a company named Apple in the United States could have some impact over here. Here we share some possible scenarios.

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Android gets too expensive & risky

Already Samsung is saying that this judgement is a loss to American consumers as it could increase cost of smartphones and harm innovation. This is because if this judgement sticks Apple may start charging a premium licensing fee on those patent, which manufacturers will have no choice than to pass to consumers, leading to higher prices for Samsung Galaxy Phones and ending the likelihood of a less than $100 Galaxy phone.

For other vendors of Android who have not made it as big as Samsung, Android phones may become too risky or too expensive to make forcing them to look elsewhere like the perfectly timed Windows Phone 8. This could lead to a scarcity of Android phones.

But how does all this affect you in Nigeria, after all the judgement is in the United States? Well United States, Europe, and some parts of Asia are lucrative markets for smartphones. What we get over here are leftovers. So, if these manufacturers can no longer sell their phones in the lucrative markets, they won’t have any motivation to sell them at all, including in Nigeria.

Simply put, if these Android smartphones cannot be sold in the lucrative markets, they won’t be available in Nigeria, because it is their sales in those markets that justify their availability in Nigeria and other emerging markets.

China becomes a lucrative market

If sales of smartphones in China becomes lucrative, it could make rulings like this in the United States and even Europe less damaging for Samsung and the rest of the Android community. Already Android phones are huge in China, but mostly the low cost devices with lower margins.

If China proves profitable for Android, this could justify its continued sales and marketing in Africa, South America, and rest of the emerging market. And if this markets eventually emerge, Android could be the big winner.

Samsung, Google, Android Community responds fast

Although no finger has been pointed on Android yet, the moral boost derived from this victory could motivate Apple to make a direct aim at its primary target, the Android, giving more impetus to scenario 1. However, if Samsung, Google, and the rest of the Android community respond fast enough removing all design elements that are Applelike, these could render the judgement impotent in no time.

So, far Apple has not gone after the Samsung Galaxy S3, although it could attempt to do so boosted by this case. This could mean it is somewhat unique and proves that Samsung and Android phones can sell without infuriating Apple a lot.

Samsung wins an Appeal

This scenario will have the least impact here in Nigeria, since it will mean business as usual. However, it could lead to more innovation in the mobile world, which can rub-off on consumers in Nigeria. But if Apple launches an iPad Mini and a low cost iPhone, it could have more impact.

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