DSL Digital Subscriber Line vs Cable Internet Technology

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Everybody wants to get online. Social media, shopping, and entertainment are all on the Internet. This is where everyone is going when they want to find something or someone.

That is why the technology behind the connections is so important.

Cable Internet connectivity has been a very big deal. DSL is also a big thing as well. There appears to be a battle between all the Internet providers as more people get Internet in their homes and businesses.

Digital Subscriber Lines in Rural Areas

In the early days of the Internet connectivity there were lots of people in rural areas that had the DSL connections. The cable connectivity from the metropolitan areas was not available in the country. This was what people had to live within the rural areas.

Today the digital subscriber lines are in both rural and metropolitan areas. This is how the phone companies like AT&T continue to compete. In many instances it is harder to hold on to customers when high speed internet becomes of consumer interest.

Cable Companies and High Speed Internet

Millions of people have relied on cable companies to provide the highest Internet speeds. Many people just do not bother to entertain DSL because it started out as the slower technology. There have been a lot of advancements in technology, however, that have made DSL quite fast.

Cable companies in urban areas have a monopoly though. These companies have advertised high speed for so long that cable companies have been the only providers associated with this type of service.

It has made it hard for anyone else to knock down the wall of this industry. It is only through the curiosity of customers that are disgruntled that DSL services will get a second glance.

Curious Customers Make a Switch

Lots of DSL companies offer high speeds, and some customers are catching on to this. It comes at a time when there are a lot of increases in the prices of services. Cable companies have had users stuck on contracts with bundled services for many years.

Consumers that have been curious about DSL are willing to try it in order to save on their monthly entertainment bills. The Internet is such a big part of the lives of many homeowners. It becomes difficult to give this up for lower speeds, but DSL companies are still pushing the envelope.

The Connection with Smart Phones and DSL Lines

AT&T is one of the biggest providers of DSL connections. The company has moved the DSL technology along for home users. AT&T is also a big company in the smart phone market as well. This company is luring customers by allowing them to get discounts on DSL connections in the home. AT&T has been looking for the ways to get their customers excited about DSL.

The world of smartphone users are also homeowners that have a lot of DSL connectivity. All of this is keeping the digital subscribers market hot. The technology has improved during this time.

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