Sonitec 18-inch rechargeable Fan for 12,100 NGN

Sonitec 18-inch rechargeable Fan for 12,100 NGN

Katroky Ventures is currently offering 18-inch Sonitec rechargeable fans for 12,100 Naira on DealDey. The Sontec rechargeable fan can operate on battery for up to 7 hours 30 minutes during power failure and comes with 6 months warranty.

Sonitec Rechargeable fan comes with a built-in battery, which powers it during a power failure, ensuring you remain comfortable whether there is power or not. The battery is charged when power supply is restored.

Sontitec Rechargeable fan comes with two 6V 4.5Ah lead acid battery and offers overcharge and over-discharge protection to ensure long lasting battery. It offers wind speed with high speed allowing for up to 5 hours battery life. Going for lower speed can extend the battery life by an additional 2 hours 30 minutes.

You can buy the Sonitec 18-inch rechargeable fan on DealDey for just 12,100 Naira (i.e 36% discount). This offer is valid till midnight, October 26, 2014 or as long as slots are available.

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