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Rechargeable Fans are great. They come with built-in battery that enables them operational off the grid. This makes them great for camping or during power failure.

Once the battery is fully charged, a Rechargeable fan will run a couple of hours on the built-in battery.

In this section, you will find loads of information about Rechargeable fans. Their Specs, their prices, and where to buy them.

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Buying a Rechargeable Fan (A Guide)

Buying a Rechargeable Fan (A Guide)

The hot season is here. The best time to buy an electric fan is before the heat comes. However, right timing or not, if you are feeling the heat, you will need to buy a fan or even better, a Rechargeable Fan. Here we provide a guide on buying...
Best Rechargeable Fans for the Money

7 Best Rechargeable Fans to Buy in 2020

Thinking of buying a Rechargeable Fan? They are great assets at home or office, especially in countries with unreliable power supply during the hot season. The portable ones can also be great for camping and personal cooling. Here we share some of the best rechargeable fans you should consider. Where...
18-inch Sonitec Rechargeable Fan

Sonitec 18-inch Rechargeable Fan Specs and Price

The 18-inch Sontec rechargeable fan can operate on battery for up to 6 hours during power failure and comes with 1 year warranty. The has a five blade design with built-in LED light for illuminating your space. To checkout latest prices of rechargeable fans, click here. Sonitec Rechargeable fan comes...

Nulec Bladeless Fan Specs & Price

Nulec's range of bladeless fans (air multipliers) is a novel and home-safe way to keep cool at home or in the office. The Nulec fans have no blades like traditional electric fans and rechargeable fans, but instead use novel airflow technology (borrowed from jet engines) to create a smooth...
Andrakk Rechargeable Fan

Andrakk Rechargeable Fan Specs & Prices

Tired of enduring heat throughout the night in this hot weather and epileptic power supply season? A Rechargeable fan might just be what you need. Jumia currently stock a couple of Rechargeable fans from Andrakk. Where to Buy Andrakk Rechargeable Fans Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Rechargeable fans come with built-in battery...