5 Computer Skills Everyone Should Master

Computer Skills
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Having innate knowledge of technology is something which employers’ value as it satisfies their worry on whether or not a member of staff can deal with the steadily evolving modern world.

Even with the fact that more activities are now being performed via the aid of technology, understanding of the computer are something which most individuals lack and as a result its full potential is not utilized. Most of them are just content with the knowledge of browsing, receiving and sending emails and security for the computer.

Mastery of computer skills does not require you to be a genius rather it demands open-mindedness and in return, the user is afforded the benefit of computer skills.

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To stay relevant in this computer age and also have knowledge that can assist in your chosen career field, there are 5 computer skills that must be mastered by everyone. Mastery of these skills guarantees confidence. The following are the enlisted 5 skills:

1. Touch Typing

This is a highly valued skill as the individual does not need to look at the keyboard to know the placement of keys rather the individual operates on muscle memory which speeds up the typing process.

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Even with the frequent use of laptops and desktops by individuals in the modern day, touch typing is a skill that remains unattainable for most of them. Before touch typing can be mastered, it is important that the placement of the fingers on the keyboard be right and the rest is easy from there.

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Posture also plays a key role in the mastery of this skill as it ensures that your body is in the right position for your fingers to operate fluidly. The back must be kept straight, elbows are to be bent at a 90-degree angle and your head should be concentrated on the screen not the keyboard. To be able to achieve this, a lot of practice is needed.

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2. Word-Processing

It is important to note that word processing is not restricted to Microsoft apps but is also offered by other developers and as a result, mastery of one is a mastery of all. To understand word processing involves one thing and that is knowing the shortcuts.

Knowing the shortcuts around word ensures that typing speed is increased to a fast pace and most activities can be completed within a reduced amount of time.

Your typing speed lets you know how far you still have to go before complete mastery of this skill can be attained and those looking to gauge their speed should start from taking a typing test.

3. Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet deals with numbers most of the time in place of words. Contrary to popular opinion that spreadsheet is only about entering data into cells, it is all about getting a grasp on the intricacies of how the data works and how best to make it interpretable.

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Here, knowledge of formulas and functions is brought to the forefront a skill and knowing how to transfer data is critical to the final output of the sheet. Spreadsheets can be found from Microsoft, Apple and Google amongst others although bearing different names.

4. Email handling

Electronic mail popularly referred to the fact that email has overshadowed although not replaced the old postal system of sending letters manually. The email has become the generally preferred method of sending messages because it is not only faster but also assures the sender that it will get to the intended recipient.

Email handling is not only about sending and receiving emails but also taking advantage of the other functions like bulk mail, the inclusion of attachments, URL insertion, auto reply and setting up of accounts.

It has also been noted that most people do not know the right way to word or phrase contents in an email, when to be formal or informal and how to place characters and this brings about the subject of email etiquette. Getting the hang of this skill can be fun alongside useful.

5. Computer Security

This covers internal attacks and external attacks. Internal in the sense that the computers must be protected from viruses that can be gotten from accessing infected sites or inputting a corrupted file and hard drive into the computer that prevents it from functioning properly.

To ward against this anti-viruses need to be installed and the computer firewall needs to be set up in such a way that not only do they ward off these attacks, they wipe off the ones already existing in the system.

External attacks pertain to intrusion and snooping by individuals who may possess the curiosity about your computer system or might be looking to do harm. This involves setting up strong passwords and in most cases other means of identification like fingerprints. In the case of theft or loss you are guaranteed the safety of information.


Daria Postoyalkina is a development manager at Ratatype. Ratatype helps children and adults to learn touch typing via an online typing test and lessons. Daria is in charge of developing the proper typing lessons and exercise for typists who want to improve their typing speed.

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