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Security Tips to Protect Your Computer from Ransomware

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Ransomware isn’t a new term to the online community or to users around the world anymore. It has spread vehemently in recent times, affecting users around the world. Though ransomware threat have existed for decades, threats have increased in recent times. It has changed its names but the effects are still rigorous and harmful. With advanced versions of ransomware attacks there comes a comparatively advanced version of security fixes which help you deal with these malicious threats.

In fact, you can safeguard your system from any malicious threat even by small behavior change on your system like avoiding suspicious links or downloading from unknown sources. Let’s discuss few security tips to protect your computer from ransomware threat.

Install reputable Security Suite

This should be the first line of defense against any malware attack on your system if you want to be safe from ransomware. Install reputable security suite which includes reliable anti-malware program and a Firewall to provide dual security to your system against any malware attack. Malware threats keeps emerging with new algorithms to break your existing anti-malware security thread. Malware attackers look for a breach in existing security setups on your systems to attack with latest virus threats. Thus, keeping your anti-malware software up to date becomes necessary to keep your system safe.

Antivirus will protect you from Ransomware
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At the same time, Firewall on your system also offers firm security to your system from online threats and latest virus attacks. In case malware attackers managed to break the security of anti-malware software on your system then Firewall provides second line of defense.

Update system software

Old or obsolete software on your system clearly increases chances of security breach on your computer. If you are running an old software then attackers may find it easy to break your system security with advanced algorithms, thus you should consider keeping your system software updated all time. As each system update offers bug fixes, security patches, and many other advanced features thus it becomes important to keep your system safe with all latest updates & upgrades. Updated system software will also help you improve your system performance significantly.

System Update
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Avoid suspicious links

Most phishing scams and malware attacks occur through emails and attached links. Malware attackers write the malicious code and send it to you in email attachments. Once you click on these links your system gets infected immediately. Another threat is downloading from unknown or suspicious links.

Lots of malicious content is spread around the world through malicious websites and once you download something from these websites you become the victim of ransomware or another malware attack. Thus, you should avoid opening suspicious links and downloading from unknown sources. It will help you avoid unseen threats from the Internet.

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Use built-in features

Your PC display most of the file extensions in hidden format on your system as most of these file extensions remain hidden in Windows default settings. You can enable all these extensions by re-enabling the hidden extension settings. As most malicious threats are spread through a specific set of file extensions (like .exe etc.) thus it will help you identify malicious links or attachments.

You can also consider setting system restore points on your system to get back to previously known safe state when your system is attacked with malicious code. Recent virus codes are designed to attack “Shadow” files from system restore, thus you need to act fast when you recover to previously known safe state. You can also backup your important data so that you can restore it when needed. You can backup data on external drives, flash drives or even on Cloud servers for instant and safe backup.

Disconnect from network immediately

Despite putting all efforts to keep your system safe from malware threat, if you find your system is affected with Ransomware then first thing you should do is to disconnect your system from network immediately. Once the system is infected, the virus on it, tries to connect to its Command and Control (C&C) servers to get further instructions to encrypt data. Disconnecting from network will halt this process (as it may break link between victim system and C&C servers) and might manage to protect some of your data.

Cut the cord when you are under cyberattack
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You can consider following these simple security tips to protect your computer from ransomware threat. In addition to these, you can also try some other steps that include disabling Macros on your system, disabling Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), keeping your system password protected. All these steps will help you protect your system from ransomware threats effectively.

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Ransomware threat is spreading on mass level affecting users around the world. You can follow certain security tips to protect your system from ransomware threat.


Apoorv Bhatnagar is works at Systweak Software , as an SEO analyst and technical Content Writer. He writes is PC tips, Android and Mac tricks and is anxious in writing other technical blogs. You can also find Apoorv on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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